iPhone 13 Pro offers more than just a color swap

Upgraded camera and storage makes this years Apple release a must have


This years iPhone 13 Pro’s are offered in four different color options. Photo by Apple.

Bailie Stramer, Staff Reporter

On Friday, September 17, 2021 Apple announced that they released the new iPhone 13 Pro to the public.

Apple released these Pros at the same price as last year’s 12 Pro. This is the third straight year of making and releasing Pros. These new phones may seem like any other iPhone, but they have some noticeable differences.

For starters, the camera has been updated, and so has the battery. The camera quality has changed a bit, the main camera has a new sensor and has a faster aperture lens which equates to improved light gathering. 

Many people all over the world are buying these new phones including my older sister.

“The phone feels and acts a lot different than the 12,” said Emily Stramer. 

We compared the differences between our phones (I have the iPhone 12) to truly see the difference in them. Some of the noticeable differences we saw was the camera size, the size of the phone, and the color options. 

When Apple released these phones they gave the public 4 different color choices, graphite, gold, silver, and the newest color Sierra blue. From last year’s new phones they had a new blue, so it seems like Apple likes adding new colors of blue. 

The camera for the 12 is smaller than the 13 Pros, because from Apple improving the camera of the 13 Pro they had to make it bigger to be able to have the camera focus better on subjects and have better light quality. The sizing of the phone is different from the iPhone 12. It seems to be a bit bigger and you have the option to change the siding of the phone’s color.

Some cool things about the new phone are the battery life and new storage options. The battery life has increased to Apple’s best battery life and will increase more and more throughout the years. Many people are accustomed to 5 GB but now there is the option of 128 GB, 256 GB, 521 GB, and 1TB which for an iPhone storage is a lot.

The pricing on the phone isn’t cheap but for things like better battery life, more storage, and good camera quality many people would buy it. Apple is giving a really good deal on the iPhone 13 Pro but making it the same price as last year’s iPhone 12 Pro at the price of  $999 to $1,499 to make it a bit more affordable for the public. But with the better storage they boosted the price up to the iPhone 13 Pro max price which would be from $1,099 to $1,599.

Overall it’s a really good phone and has awesome changes from the older iPhones.