The tradition of the LHS Talent Show returns

Eagle Talent will be again be in the spotlight


Graphic created by Lizzy Hunt.

Lizzy Hunt, Staff Reporter

The LHS Talent show will be held on December 10th with a goal to display student talent and raise money for the senior class.

Students will be able to buy a $5 ticket to watch the dazzling show in the main gym. Tickets will be available for purchase from Nov. 29 to December 9. With the challenging past two years everyone has experienced, the show seems to be a great opportunity for the LHS community to have some fun. 

The show’s theme is “Liberty’s Got Talent,” said Mrs. Aubri Buzzo, the overall organizer of the event. “The show ideally will be one block in length but may go over if needed.” 

It will occur during third block, and students who paid will be called down to the auditorium. Students who did not buy tickets will go on with their normal school day. The show will have two announcers, Gavin Standish and Jacob Hurley. Both students performed with great enthusiasm in LHS’ “The Little Mermaid,” and should bring that energy to the Talent Show. Speaking of “The Little Mermaid,” the cast will be performing “Under the Sea,” and luckily, the rest of the actors carry that same enthusiasm.

Many other acts will be performing including a secret one.

Jocelyn Tyree, Cayden King and Noah Hall, and Emily Johnston are a few of the other acts.

Jocelyn Tyree will be singing “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love),” from the movie “Hercules.” 

“I’ve always wanted to perform by myself live, but I never really got to it; so I thought, ‘it’s senior year, let’s do it,’” said Tyree 

Cayden King and Noah Hall’s goal is simply to entertain.  

“We are just gonna try to get everyone singing and dancing to it,” said King

They will be performing the song “Classic” by MKTO. In King’s own words, the dancing element is integral since, “we gotta distract our singing somehow.” 

Emily Johnson will be performing in an orchestra ensemble group with Gwendolyn Dziemian, Merrit Rodman, Maia MacMahon, and Kevin Ruiz. They will be performing “Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombie Outer Space,” and if  the name wasn’t interesting enough, it also has blood curdling screams. 

“It has fun parts for every instrument,” said Johnson 

“I play the violin two part, Maia plays the violin one part, Kevin plays cello, Merrit viola, and Gwen plays the bass,” said Johnson.  

As mentioned, there are parts of the song with a screech, surprisingly Emily is the only one doing them. 

“I’ve done it for multiple plays, I’ve had to bloody murder scream, so I’m kinda used it,” said Emily.