“Bored” with the status quo, young women take to TikTok in opposition of sexual harassment

How a four year-old song has empowered young content creators.


Photo by Meg Meyer – Interscope Records

Bailie Stramer, Staff Reporter

With Billie Eilish being a top hit in today’s generation and her music blowing up more and more everyday, her old songs still find a way to become relevant every once in a while.

Eilish released the song “Bored” on March 30, 2017 making this song about 4 years old. This amazing song is one many love to this day still and has had a resurgence in popularity on TikTok, making it one of the most viral songs and most used on that app thanks to the “Giving You All You Want and More” trend.

The trend has lasted over the last few months, and is by no means the biggest trend; however, the trends stance against sexual harassment has gained attention and empowered young women on the app.  

  For many years TikTok has been filled with so many things like dances, storytelling, emotional content, and more. People all over the world like to express their emotions in many ways, it could be lip singing to a sad song or just ranting and expressing themselves on TikTok. Many young creators realized Eilish’s song was a perfect match for helping them speak out against harassment and toxic relationships.

 Eilish’s song is used to give awareness to people that have been sexually assaulted and many also use it for the background of a video expressing and showing awareness to mental illnesses. If app-users look up “Bored” by Billie Eilish on TikTok her song shows up with 34.9k videos under it, as of the writing of this article, and there is no sign of telling how many more will develop. 

The following lyrics are often used in the videos to help portray the raw emotions experienced by creators: “Giving you all you want and more, Giving you every piece of me, I don’t want love I can’t afford, I just want you to love for free.” 

 People use this lyric to show awareness and improvement in their life by explaining how they got rid of the toxicity and showing how they helped themselves mentally and physically. 

Even though “Bored” is considered an older song, it still has value and it helps people set free their feelings and gain more confidence for themselves. Not only did it help people on TikTok express themselves, she also expressed herself in the lyrics with her song by showing she’s stuck in a toxic relationship and doesn’t know how to get out of it. Eilish definitely gave people the confidence to come forward like she did in the song.

With 34.9k people making videos under her sound on TikTok and many more to come. Eilish’s song “Bored” will never get old.