Eagles raise funds for Special Olympics and Champions Together with Penguin Plunge

Fundraiser coincides with a brand new Spirit Week.


Ashlyn Leatherwood

Senior Kiana Lewis sells a paper penguin to senior Skylar Ridgeway as part of the Penguin Plunge fundraiser. Photo by Ashlyn Leatherwood.

Ashlyn Leatherwood & Lilly Clayton, Staff Reporters

This week is Liberty’s first ever Polar Plunge Spirit Week.

The Polar Plunge is a fundraiser that is partnered with the Special Olympics and Liberty’s Champions Together Program.

“Every year for the Special Olympics they do a thing called the Polar Plunge. It’s one of their big fundraisers of the year. The Polar Plunge is where you run into a cold body of water,” said Ms. Helene Leigh.

Because of Covid-19, the Penguin Plunge was forced to come up with a new idea, so instead of actual people running into a cold body of water, little toy penguins do it instead. The penguins race around a lazy river, and whatever school that sponsors the winning penguin receives a prize. 

The point of the Fundraiser is to help raise awareness and raise money. Fifty percent of the donations go to Liberty’s Champions Together program and the other 50 percent goes directly to the Special Olympics in Virginia. 

“We will be selling paper penguins all week to raise money. We also have a team that people can join as well and donate directly to our team,” said Leigh.

Liberty has also scheduled a spirit week for the occasion to increase student participation and get the word out. The week features a variety of cold-themed days including a “Blizzard at LHS White-Out” on Wednesday where students are encouraged to wear as much white clothing as possible. 

“Doing something schoolwide will hopefully get our name out there and of course the ultimate goal is to become a more inclusive place,” said Leigh

The Penguin Plunge will take place on February 4th and can be viewed on Facebook Live.

 “Our community is able to come together and watch the events take place, for many students and staff this is the first Penguin Plunge that they’re able to experience,” said Mrs. Alicia Schrank.

The Champions Together program and the staff have been preparing for the Penguin Plunge with exciting activities to go along with the theme. They have also been helping with selling the paper penguins which you can purchase outside of the cafeteria during any lunch shift.

“I’m excited that the rest of Liberty will be able to see how their contributions can help Special Olympics and what that money can go towards.” said Mrs. Katie Waddle.

Over $1,000 has been raised already, and hopefully with all of the fundraising and spirit, they will be able to raise even more money.

“It will be so fun and we can really see the change and hopefully make some money for this charity as well,” said junior Kendall Johnson.

Donations for the Penguin Plunge continue throughout the entire week. Students are encouraged to participate.