New boy’s tennis program is looking to serve up a winner


Sophomore Caden Rynestad hits with his new LHS boy’s tennis teammates. Photo by Ashlyn Leatherwood.

Ashlyn Leatherwood, Staff Reporter

The boys tennis team is back! After multiple years of having no team, boys tennis is officially underway. 

In the past, there was not a lot of interest in a boys team, but this year there is a full team consisting of seven boys.

One of the players, sophomore Caden Rynestad, plays tennis in his free time. He found out that there wasn’t a boy’s team last year, so he became a manager for the girls team. This year he can officially play for Liberty’s boy’s tennis program.

“I’m excited that we are having a tennis team after a few absent years. I’m looking forward to building a strong Liberty team with my teammates,” said Rynestad. 

Coach Sabrina Phillips is the girl’s tennis coach, and was the temporary boys coach at the beginning of the season. She is very excited to be able to have a boys tennis team this year after a few years without. 

“I really want to work on building that foundation this season so that we can build a solid program so that it doesn’t go away and that goes for boys and girls,” said Phillips.

Coach Phillips played one season in 2015 and has loved the sport ever since. She began coaching in 2020 when their season got cut short due to Covid. 

“I wanted to give girls the opportunity that I had in high school, and I was really the only one willing to do that, and really wanted to bring the program back to Liberty. So, that’s like really the awesome thing is that now that we have the girls program, and I was able to advocate for the guys,” said Phillips.

Coach Phillips was really happy to be able to bring the boys team back and is excited to see how things will change this season. 

“It’s been really really cool seeing the dynamic change a little bit and like having a new addition in the court. So, it’s been really really fun to see the boys and the girls interact with each other, and it just like adds a lot because the guys tend to be tougher competitors, so it’s been really awesome that the girls have an opportunity to get to play against someone that is different than them,” said Phillips. 

The girls team has also been very excited to have a new addition onto the court. 

“I’m super excited because having a boy’s team will help strengthen Liberty’s tennis program, and I think it will be a lot of fun,” said junior Hailey Marquise.

The first match for the boys is scheduled for March 17th at Kettle Run High School. Simultaneously, the girls will host the Cougars.