Super Team: LHS Champions face Kettle Run Champions in exhibition basketball game

Eagle’s varsity basketball squad serves as buddies.


Senior Zach Bailey served as a buddy during the Champions Together basketball game against Kettle Run. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Milburn.

Paige Painter, Staff Reporter

 Champions Together has recently taken on Kettle Run High School’s champions in an exhibition basketball game.

In this event, Liberty cheerleaders, buddies and champions went over to Kettle Run to shoot some hoops. The cheerleaders and even some of the champions cheered on their basketball team.

“It was really fun,” said sophomore cheerleader Ashlyn Leatherwood. “My favorite thing about Champions Together is connecting with all the champions because they are very good people.”

The score came down to 44-42 with Kettle Run getting the win from us. This game was not for competition, it was more for uniting the school’s Champions Together programs.

Every champion had a buddy to ride with on the bus. The buddies were Liberty varsity basketball teammates. 

Kettle Run opened up their bleachers for students to come watch. One of the champions, Mark, played drums for Liberty instead of playing or cheering.

“I think that Champions Together is an amazing program in the school and I love it,” said Leatherwood.

The meetings were normally on Wednesdays during lunch but with the schedule change they are pushing for the end of 1st block. What happens at the meetings? It depends on the season. One day you could be practicing basketball, playing bocce ball, kickball in the gym, and tasty Tuesdays the teachers bring in healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

“My favorite days at work are when we have games or field trips. It’s just so fun and makes me so happy,” said teacher Mrs. Alicia Schrank.

The next Champions Together basketball game will be Thursday, March 10th against the Culpeper Medford Team. LHS is supporting the event by sponsoring a Jersey Day in which students and staff are encouraged to wear any jersey of their choice.

Some other upcoming events for Champions Together are a track meet and a bocce ball game. On April 8th there is a track meet against Forest Park High School in Woodbridge. They are preparing and practicing all the time for this upcoming meet. The bocce ball game does not have a date so far, but Liberty Champions will be taking on Brentsville’s champions.

Mrs. Schrank knows regardless of the competition, the champions will be ready.

“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark,” said Schrank.