Drivers Education class helps sophomores own the road


Before sophomores can buckle up on their own, they have to a pass drivers education like Coach Skelly’s. Photo by Tanner Eaves.

Tanner Eaves, Staff Reporter

In Drivers Ed. sophomore students study for months for the inevitable permit test needed to acquire a driver’s license.

While taking Drivers Ed. may not be as active as gym class, it still achieves the goal of teaching the students something new. It’s a fun, enjoyable and knowledgeable class for most students. 

Some students already have their permit when they take driver’s Ed, but they have to have the green card to get their license. While learning and studying, all students have to be tested on that module. 

Some great modules to help students pass their permit test with excellence are module one and module eight. Module one has the signs in it, and module 8 teaches the students about alcohol, DUI’s, DWI’s and other crimes while on the road.

 “Module 1 is a great module to study, while module 8 is students’ favorites because of the content in that chapter,” said Mr. Glenn Skelly. 

“The best module to study for your permit test is module one because it teaches you about the signs and if you miss a sign then you fail the test, module 8 is also an important one teaching students about drugs and alcohol and the deadly effects on drivers,” said Ryan Mahar .

While in drivers Ed most students do pretty well, some students may have a harder time understanding the modules and content. Some students wonder what ways that they can better their knowledge themselves on the road and how to be safe.

What are some of the ways that students can better their driving knowledge when getting to take the road? It is to study and to learn the road, what to do and other things. 

“If they know where they are going it can help make it a safer place and it helps them control the vehicle,” said Skelly. 

“When on the road, you need to be aware of your signals, signs, traffic patterns and traffic flow and especially your surroundings,” said Mahar. 

There are a bunch of easy ways to make the road a safer place to drive on, some students may not know them, but Drivers Ed. is a place to teach them safe rules of the road. 

“Using turn signals and following the rules of the road more closely are easy and safe tips,” said Skelly.

Sometimes students are able to learn how to use their signals, the rules of the road and are able to run a car perfectly in Drivers Ed. Some students already have learned how to do this on their own. Is Drivers Ed as effective or better than just studying at home and learning the things by yourself?

“Drivers Ed would give you a more professional way of learning, while at home it would give you a casual learning style. Both are important,” said skelly.

Some students stress when they have to take their permit test, but there are a few great tips, to relax oneself and not over think it. That can hurt and affect the test score. 

“Having confidence is a big thing when it comes to taking your permit test,” said skelly.