Liberty BSU celebrates Black History Month with multiple events

Club looks to host regular meeting for student members in spring


BSU’s student leadership team were involved in a variety of events this past February including a civil rights roundtable at Kettle Run and a lunchtime presentation and ice cream social. Photo courtesy of BSU.

Ashlyn Leatherwood, Staff Reporter

With Black History Month just ending, the Black Student Union is gearing up to end the school year strong.

“We are focused on getting our club back together. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a meeting with everyone together and we miss it,” said sophomore Bonnie Quansah.

When One Lunch was taken away, a lot of clubs had to figure out another way to meet. While it might have slowed the BSU down, they have never stopped trying to make a difference. They have been going on field trips and meeting with interesting people, and that is just the beginning.

“My favorite thing I did with the BSU leaders was attend Kettle Run’s local Black Business fair. We were able to get in touch with a lot of connections that we believe will benefit us in  the future,” said senior Olivia Stith.

Black History Month was a very busy month, because the BSU wants to educate others, and Black History Month gives them an amazing opportunity to do so.

“We didn’t do much really since we had One Lunch taken away but our goal was to post one fact about black history a day during Black History Month on our Instagram,” said sophomore Kevin Eley.

The Black Student Union  wants to encourage others to come to meetings and contribute to their cause.

“The purpose of the Black Student Union is to establish an atmosphere that contributes to the cultural, social, political, and educational success of Black students. Our club is inclusive to anyone and everyone who wants to learn and promote a positive atmosphere for diversity and equality. We encourage anyone who is interested in the club to come to one of our meetings,” said club sponsor Tiffany Davenport.

The members of the BSU are very passionate and want to tell their stories so that other voices can be heard.

“We wanted to have an environment where black students could share their experiences and have a place where they can meet people who look like them and have dealt with the same things as them. The club is open for ANYONE to join because we want people  to hear our stories and see others perspectives on certain things,” said Quansah.

The BSU has a lot of future opportunities and are looking forward to where the next few months will take them.

“We are currently working with the career center to set up a HBCU fair here at the school. We are also looking at doing a field trip to the African American museum once they allow bigger groups to come. We are hoping to start holding regular meetings again and have our end of the year celebration,” said Davenport.

Kettle Run’s Black Student Alliance has become a valued collaborative partner and has even planned multiple events for Liberty BSU students to partake in. Davenport hopes future events between the two organizations will create opportunity for new and current members.

“We want to thank our friends at Kettle Run for all the opportunities they’ve helped with this month,” said Davenport. “We are looking at doing more collaborations with them.”

The Black Student Union happily welcomes anyone who is curious about the club to come to a meeting and join.

Keep an eye on their social media for updates about the next meeting. Follow them on Instagram @lhs.bsu20 or on Twitter @LHSBSU2.