Varsity girls lacrosse hopes to utilize experience and chemistry in quest for wins.


Varsity girls lacrosse will begin play with a series of away games before their first home one on the 28th. Photo by Paige Painter.

Paige Painter, Staff Reporter

Girls lacrosse tryouts have ended and the team is ready to get started. 

 Varsity girls have a scrimmage on March 9th against Tuscarora in Leesburg. After that, the girls are looking forward to their first official game on the 17th at Unity Reed.

They have a variety of players with multiple years experience.

Junior Alaina Marek has been playing lacrosse for 12 years straight. Marek has high hopes for this season. 

“I’m very excited for our upcoming scrimmage and I think we’re gonna do good,” said Marek.  “I think this season will definitely be interesting for the Eagles.”

Marek thinks the team’s chemistry will be one of their biggest assets.

“For the 3 years I’ve been on this team, not once have we had a problem with each other. We are a very supportive environment and always look out for each other” said Marek.

 Junior Lauren Garber is one of several with previous experience. She has had six years of prior experience in lacrosse.

 “Lacrosse is my gateway for everything,” said Garber.

She hopes the season brings several victories for her squad.

“My favorite thing to do after a win is to congratulate everyone because we all play really hard,” said Garber.

The roster of head coach Amy Lacey includes multiple seniors including: Emma Costanzo, Lise Eanes, Lauryn Fling, Megan James, Alexandra Palizzi, Leilani Ramirez Aravia, and Brianna Whitt.

Their first home game is on 3/28 against Tuscarora. The game is set to begin at 7 pm.