Mrs. Marek is a star in the Liberty science department


Mrs. Marek has been teaching at LHS for five years. Photo by Kate Campbell.

Kate Campbell, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Carrie Marek is a science teacher here at Liberty High School. She teaches Honors Earth Science and Astronomy.

She had been a teacher for 13 years, but she didn’t start in high school. She started at preschool then went on to kindergarten. 

 She then became a sub, so she could have a more flexible schedule. She did that for two years then started working here and she has been teaching at LHS for five years and coaching here for six.

¨I do not have a favorite class to teach. I love both of them, but I could never teach chemistry,¨ said Marek.

While Marek loves what she teaches, her students love her class.

¨Her class was undeniably my favorite class of the entire school year.¨ said Jade Lemus. “It was the best class I could have ever decided to take.”

¨She is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had. I think I learned the more in that class than any of my other classes.¨ said Emily Campbell

Everyday is a new adventure as a teacher, and Marek states that that unpredictability makes the job fun. She also enjoys the process of getting to know her students.

¨I love that no day is the same thing twice, and that our school encourages building relationships with our students,¨ said Marek.¨

Marek likes when students grasp a new concept or when a student is mind blown by an astronomy fact.

¨I love teaching science because it answers questions that you didn’t know you had,¨ said Marek.

She has expressed that she has never taught a unit the same way once. She says it makes it easier to be a teacher when you can help others and fine-tune a lesson for each specific class.

Some people like science, some may not. Marek finds it finds it time consuming to set up labs and make the work fun for all students, but it is a challenge she is up to. 

¨While I think science is awesome, not everyone agrees. It is my mission to change minds,¨ said Marek.