Katherine Contreras utilizes school internship, works as LHS English intern


Katherine Contreras is this springs English department intern. Interest students can follow in her footsteps by applying to the senior internship program here at LHS. Photo courtesy of Katherine Contreras.

Diego Blanco, Staff Reporter

Working and learning is a part of everyone’s life at some point and is very important to have since it helps people further grow and develop. Almost everyone begins learning at a very young age, but when it come to an actual job to do there are multiple ways of doing it; whether that’s at home, an actual workplace or simply helping others in whatever ways possible.

While all previously stated are a large portion of how many younger people have begun working another major thing is internships. Internships are in many different places including our own Liberty High School, which has a senior internship program.

Senior Katherine Contreras is one of a handful of LHS senior interns, as she interns with the LHS English department. 

“There are always many departments looking for interns, such as the office, the library,  and science,“ said Contreras.

Mrs. Jeanne Converse is the Department Head for the English Department and she praises Contreras’ overall helpfulness. 

“She does a lot of helping with teachers and students,” said Converse. “She also helps anyone who needs it and will do whatever without being asked.”

There is always a way Contreras can help the several teachers in her department.

I assist many of the English teachers and sometimes become a mini teacher for their students on any help they need. I run copies for teachers, including those who don’t have a planning block, and even once read the book Scythe to Mrs. Hoffman’s students. Since I’m bilingual I help out any ESL students who need some extra help. I also help delegate many of Ms. Ayash’s students and assist to make sure their spreads are done for the yearbook.” 

Each department offers subject specific work given to an intern, and may differ depending on what they are assisting with; however, it is safe to assume that most interns do similar things such as running copies, assisting teachers and staff in any way possible and helping out other students who may need it. 

“Something that is always looked for in an intern is always being responsible and always reaching out to help any teachers in your department. Also, someone who is willing to be social and work on many different projects and be able to keep up and stay consistent constantly every day,” said Contreras. 

The most important thing to note is that the students should be reliable and flexible regarding time since being distracted with a personal schedule while attempting to do something else could be problematic, since it could prevent students from fully focusing on what they are meant to do. 

Sometimes the internship requires Contreras to attend department meetings.

“There are meetings specifically for each different department. Currently there has been no all-intern meeting, but I do attend English department meetings, which are monthly.”

For those interested in joining the internship program, students should speak with Mr. Eric McCaslin in the guidance office. There students can discuss the schedule and term that they would want to do the internship. Then an interview with a department head will be arranged so candidates can be identified as a good fit.  

There are many benefits of an in-school internship, such as extra credits to graduate, more opportunities in the future after high school, references, and recommendations from those who students worked for. It makes a resume look a lot stronger.

Along with all that it’s been proven that those who do high school internships are the majority of people who do graduate, in 2017  The National Association of College and Employers did a student survey which showed 61% of the seniors that graduated had participated in internships and co-op experiences.

Contreras advises students to find an internship opportunity for themselves.

“Take every opportunity you can to do something outside of your comfort zone, big or small, you know you can do it, you never know what it could help you with in the future,” said Contreras.