LHS concludes month long Women’s History Month celebration

LHS staff and students utilize month of March as an opportunity to educate and serve.


The LHS library was a great place to learn about Women’s History Month this past March, as it had a variety of stations to learn about influential topics, authors, and more. Photo by Kate Campbell.

Kate Campbell, Staff Reporter

Women’s History Month is a month, where we celebrate what women have done for our society over the years, has come and gone, and Liberty High School honored the legacy of ladies in a variety of ways. 

LHS had a big banner in the main hallway. It hung outside of the cafeteria after being created by Joyce Quintela, Ashlyn Cooper, Lexi Von Krebs, Page Adams, Ashandra Asamoah, Emma Davila, Daria Decaul, and Rachel Fernandes.

Liberty also organized a feminine products drive. This went on from the 7th to the 18th of March. People would donate packages of tampons and pads to families which provided help to women in five local countries who are victims of abuse.

Students would bring these items to their teachers or departments to help them compete in some friendly competition to encourage participation.

There was also a new question each week about Women’s History Month in the library. One random correct answer was chosen on Fridays to win a Sheetz gift card. The gift cards cost $10 and there were four questions total including questions like: “What year were women finally able to get credit cards in their own name?” and “What is the major US city to be founded by a woman?”

The winners of the weekly question were Christina Sowers, Kristen Chen, Reagan Coppage, and Elizabeth Hunt.

One teacher in charge of organizing a lot of these events was Mrs. Jessica Majerowicz.

Majerowicz teaches a class called Women in History. She runs the feminine product drive each year for SAFE in Culpeper. 

She has the students do the banners when she doesn’t have the course which she had to do this year, although the course was offered in the fall semester. 

“When I do have the course in spring we do banners, quizzes during lunch,  and various posters and displays around the building along with the drive because we can use our class time,¨ said Majerowicz.

The library had a display up where they had fiction, non fiction, magazine, and other literature that honored women. The quiz question of the week, and fact sheets all about Women’s History Month were also part of the display. 

The library also has displayed pictures of women that are important to Women’s History Month and it includes anywhere from politicians to celebrities. It not only has living women but also some from the past who still had a great impact on women’s history.

There were five good books that were recommended by our librarian, Ms. Haf Corbin, to help learn about Women’s History Month including: “Here We Are Edited” by Kelly Jensen, “Women In Sports” written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky, “Women in Arts” also by Rachel Ignotofsky, “Thrill Seekers” by Ann McCallum Staats, and “Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History” by Vashti Harrison.

Liberty High School did a lot for Women’s History Month and plan to continue this in the future.