Review: Craft & Crust Pizza Tavern is a new slice of life in Remington


Craft & Crust Pizza Tavern opened in Remington in early December and has been the new home for pizza amongst community members. Photo by Mr. Sealey.

Jacob Klassen, Staff Reporter

The restaurant Craft & Crust Pizza Tavern’s  had their grand opening up in Remington in early December.

This is pretty exciting for residents and patrons, since we haven’t had anything new here do well in a while. We’ve had the family owned Corner Deli for as long as I can remember but it’s always good to have different things.

The restaurant is owned and opened by Ronnie and Michelle Bland, who are Fauquier County residents for 20 years. Michelle has worked in the food service industry working for restaurants like Ruby Tuesdays and Foster’s Grille.

According to their website, Jim Peterson, Dawn Rana, and Cecil Coleman are also a significant part of the ownership team.

They specialize in pizza and have a variety of special pies named after towns in Fauquier. For example, “The Bealeton” is a pizza with salami, mozzarella, smoked gouda, onion and green pepper, while “The Remington” has mozzarella, peperoni, banana peppers, Italian sausage and fresh garlic.

I like how much diversity they have on their menu. Sure, it’s called Craft & Crust Pizza Tavern but they also have very good burgers and a delicious steak and cheese.

The closest pizza places to Remington were Grioli’s and Pizza Hut next to Food Lion but nobody wants to go all the way to Bealeton on a night that they don’t feel like driving and delivery food is never really all that great, in my opinion.

It’s really great to have a good pizza place in town close to a lot of people who live in Remington to give us some options.

With the grand opening a few months ago, I’ve seen it grow as a business and the quality of food and service get better every time. As they spend more time in the community, they are able to adapt their already great menu to fit the tastes of Remington residents, and as they get to know their patrons, its a place that can feel like home. It’s great to see a small town business thriving.

Not only do they have great food and good service, but they also have live bands come on Friday and Saturday nights sometimes. This extra entertainment makes it a must visit on East Main Street.

While Craft & Crust Pizza Tavern offers a variety of great menu items, I am a fan of their steak and cheese sub. Photo by Jacob Klassen.