Liberty throwers aim high and throw far

Eagle shotput and discus athletes have goals of reaching postseason competition


Sophomore Jasmine Amini is one of several throwers that competed in the April 27 meet at Fauquier High School. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff.

Amara Collins, Staff Reporter

There is more to track and field than just running.

Track has field events like shotput, discus, pole vault, long jump, and more. Shotput and discus are popular and successful field events for Liberty High School’s team.

Shotput is a spherical weighted ball called a “shot” that is thrown or “putted” from the shoulder for distance from inside a designated circle. Discus is very similar but the athlete is throwing a weighted flat disc. Both shotput and discus weights vary based on gender and age.

“I like the excitement of throwing,” said sophomore Jasmine Amini. “I run in all the other sports I do, so to me running isn’t competitive.” 

 Liberty’s throwing group consist of three girls and 10 boys, and the group is coached by Coach Robert.

“When I throw, it’s more competitive and fun,” said Amini.

Throwing is a very competitive sport and can be extremely difficult to learn.

“The hardest part about shotput and discus are getting my form and technique down. The techniques are different and its hard to adapt to different techniques,” said Amini.

Coach Robert has been with the track and field team for a while. He competed in both events in high school, and has a lot of experience.

“Coach Robert taught me how to throw,” said junior Kaydin Chapman.

Chapman started track and field freshman year. This past winter season, with the help of Coach Robert, Chapman made it to regionals and he is planning to make it to states this spring season. He set a personal record of 111-4 on the Aril 23 meet at James Wood. 

“Coach Robert is very patient and he understands how I struggle with technique and that I’m still learning. He’s repetitive with his teachings and he’s consistent,” said Amini.

The track and field throwing team will be competing at their next meet on April 30 at Fauquier.