Elden Ring’s open world helps it stand out from its Souls predecessors


Photo by FromSoftware.

Thomas Eckenrode, Staff Reporter

The action role playing game Elden Ring was an immediate hit upon its February 25 release.

It was created by FromSoftware Inc., the creators of the previous “Soulsborne” games, which consists of Kings Field, Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and the three Dark Souls games.

Elden Ring is currently known for its engaging gameplay, including combat, story, and environment.

Elden Ring’s gameplay is easily the best thing about the game. Elden Ring’s gameplay is much like the previous Souls games: you attack, dodge, roll, and parry to survive its cruel combat. It’s very fast paced and exciting. Although it is exciting, it is not easy.

Like its Soulsbornes predecessors, Elden Ring provides a hard and relentless gameplay experience. Imagine this: you’ve started a boss fight, you fail a couple times, but you don’t give up and keep trying, convincing yourself that you’ll win the next time. But unfortunately, you can get stuck on bosses for hours without triumphing, this can be frustrating. Sometimes your character isn’t powerful enough, or you’re just not good enough at the game yet. You grind, and level up your character’s skills, and yours, and go back to that boss and easily defeat it, and wonder to yourself how you had such a hard time trying to defeat that boss.

This is Elden Ring in a nutshell.

It can be frustrating, but most of the time it is an exciting, and immersive gameplay experience.

The character and item design is also one of the best features about the game. Each character feels unique and different from the rest. The characters armor looks almost real as it adjusts in real time with the characters body and other things such as a breeze. One of the things I like about Elden Ring is that you can create and customize your unique character to almost no limit. Want to be a noble knight fighting to restore honor, or a banished prisoner hoping to redeem yourself? Well, you can do that!

The design on the characters and items aren’t the only immersive thing, The graphics design is also astonishing. As I first came out of the short beginning dungeon I saw the Erd Tree, I watched its bright colored leaves fall as they were illuminated in the bright golden rays of light from the tree. I waded through a swamp and suddenly saw enemies but suddenly a huge dragon appeared and burned everything around me as it landed and attempted to approach me.

This was one of the first moments I realized how beautiful the game was. I saw the flames dancing, like they were alive, reflecting off the water surface and the scales of the dragon.

I personally love the gameplay, I was very impressed with how much the game took after its predecessors. But also about how they improved on them. The game is easier than the Dark Souls games in my opinion. I also find it most useful to have a jump button in a Soulsborne game finally.

I also love the choice they made to make an open world environment for the game, exploring is so much fun, finding new places and loot never stops being fun.

Finally as a tip for the PC players, use a controller if you find the control scheme awkward or hard to use, I found this to help massively when playing the other Soulsborne games.

I highly recommend Elden Ring to people who like fantasy RPGs or large open world games.