Boys soccer says goodbye to seniors after challenge-filled season.


Senior goalie Iker Morales makes a save. He was part of the strong senior core that led the team all season. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff.

Lilly Clayton, Staff Reporter

As the boys soccer season came to an end in the quarter finals against Kettle Run, they were able to go through double overtime but came up short in penalty kicks. 

As the season began, the team wasn’t a team, they didn’t trust each other, but through the season that began to change.

“We really learned how to trust one another and how to keep playing as a team even when things are difficult,” said head coach Chase Cox

Injuries have been a huge set back for them, taking many key players out of the games during games. 

“These players give 100% on the field and may also be playing for other competitive teams, and the risk of stress and injury is a big reality,” said Cox

With the affect of injuries they had to change up the way they play. Coach Cox had to adjust some players positions in order to fill in for players who were out due to injuries, but it remained solid. 

“I did change a few players from one position to another to adjust for injured players, but our game plan remains solid and strong no matter what,” said Cox 

With players being out, players had to step up on and off the field and take on leadership roles, there was growth from every player throughout the season that no one stood out from the rest. 

“Honestly every single player has had growth and big moments on and off the field. To see them have strength and resolve and grit every time we came together, has been the biggest standout overall,” said Cox

Through tough losses and difficult games, the boys soccer team had come together, they were able to come together and support each other through the difficult losses. 

“I have been really proud of the guys for supporting each other up when someone feels unhappy with a play or a game for example. It can’t always be about winning or losing, and they have done such a great job at working on the things that truly matter such as teamwork, empathy, support for one another, and positivity,” said Cox

Coming down with tough losses, the boys struggled with not playing at their level of play and instead they would play at their opponents level which resulted in tough losses. 

“The hardest thing is always losing close games where we were clearly the better team however luck unfortunately was not on our side,” said Cox

With losing a talented group of seniors, they look to come out next year with new young talent coming in. 

Senior members of the varsity team included: Brandon Alducin-Graciano, Buddy Ball, Jacob Brown, Hector Chinchilla, Harry Kamara, Iker Morales, Federic Ortiz, Nick Paratore, Carlos Paz, Pablo Romero Gonzalez, Landon Triplett, Jairo Turcios-Rubio, and Nestor Villagomez-Alonzo.

“With the loss of an outstanding group of seniors as I experienced every year since joining this program, I am encouraged by the legacy and example they leave behind for the younger players. There was a ton of talent out there this year and I am looking forward to seeing all of my players grow, while welcoming new and rising talent as well,” said Cox