Doctor Strange leads Marvel fans on a trip through the multiverse in newest blockbuster.


Photo by Marvel Studios.

Karlee Salinas, Staff Reporter

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” takes viewers on an action-packed journey through the multiverse.

Director Sam Raimi and Screenwriter Micheal Waldron do a fantastic job bringing this movie to life. This movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr.Strange, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez, Benedict Wong as Wong, and Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer.

Released on May 6, 2022, this movie takes place on two different earths: Earth 616, the earth the MCU takes place in and Earth 838. Dr.Strange and America Chavez go on a journey through the multiverse to try and stop someone from destroying the multiverse. 

The multiverse is first depicted and talked about in the movie “Doctor Strange.” However, the Disney+ series “Loki” dives more into what the multiverse is. It established that the multiverse is endless in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are an infinite number of parallel worlds and dimensions in the MCU. In these worlds, there are different versions of people that we already know.

The Loki series establishes that people like Lady Loki, a different version of the MCU Loki, are called variants. They depict variants as versions of the same person who lived other lives and has taken different paths and can sometimes be of a different gender. 

“Multiverse of Madness” picks up Wanda Maximoff’s story sometime after the events portrayed in “WandaVision.” To understand Maximoff’s motivation and how she became the Scarlett Witch viewers have to watch “WandaVision.” If viewers watch the show before they see the movie, a lot of the details surrounding her will make a lot more sense while they are watching the movie.

The events of “WandaVision” set up a sort of view as to how powerful Wanda Maximoff is and the type of damage that she can cause to the multiverse. 

Xochiti Gomez made her Marvel debut in this movie. She is playing the MCU’s first Latinx character. She wears an LGBTQ+ pride pin on her jacket as a way to show that she is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. America Chavez was born and raised in the Utopian Parallel by her two moms. She has the power to open star-shaped portals to any earth in the multiverse. 

This movie is a continuation of the 2016 “Doctor Strange.” To fully understand who Doctor Strange and Wong are viewers have to watch the first Doctor Strange movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Stephen Strange a sorcerer that is tasked with protecting the multiverse from threats. Sorcerer Supreme Wong is played by Benedict Wong and he is in charge of all the sorcerers around the world. Kamra-Taj is the home base for all the users of mystic art. This is where sorcerers go to train and where the sorcerer supreme leaves. 

There are a lot of aspects to this movie that are great. The use of scary elements in this movie sets it apart from the rest of the movies that the MCU has put out. The cameos in the movie were mind-blowing and left audiences stunned and unable to speak. There were a lot of really good scenes in this movie and it showcased more of the power sets for each of the characters. They did a really good job introducing the variants of both Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff in a way that did not feel too similar to the other versions. Each of the variants had a different personality, they all lived different lives. 

For anyone who is thinking about checking out this movie, I recommend that you do. The movie won’t disappoint and it will leave you guessing what the next step is for all of the characters.