Larsen begins new chapter as a creative writing teacher


Ms. Larsen helps student Emily Campbell proofread her creative writing assignment. Photo by Susy Holbrook.

Susy Holbrook, Features Editor

Ms. Christine Larsen has been a teacher for 14 years. Seven of which, have been spent at Liberty.

She has mainly taught English during her time here, but she now takes over teaching Creative Writing I and Creative Writing II following the departure of Mrs. Leah Ott. 

Ms. Larsen is still an English 11 and English 11 AP/DE teacher; however, her fourth block has been switched to creative writing, and she is super excited to be teaching it.

 “I’m very passionate about my love for writing and I’m excited to share my passion with the younger generation,” said Larsen.

Teaching a new class can be scary and difficult; however, Ms. Larsen is handling it by putting an emphasis on planning. 

“Making plans from scratch has been challenging as well as following what my vision of the class would be like,” said Larsen.

Despite facing challenges, Larsen has set many goals for herself regarding this new class. She expressed how she wants to make the class fun for students who love writing, but also make it feel more like an adult writing class. 

She also likes that this class is a non testing subject, so her students can learn in a relaxed, non threatening environment without the extra pressure. 

Creative writing is an elective, so naturally the teaching style differs from an English class.

“Teaching creative writing is more flexible and students have the option to take it, so they want to be there,” said Larsen. 

“I have always wanted to teach this class, I love writing and using your imagination and creativity. I took a creative writing class in college and loved it. I also like having an outlet to organize creative ideas and turning them into longer pieces,” said Larsen.

When going into a new class, it is natural for a teacher to set expectations for the class; although, expectations are not always met. Teachers may need to adjust after meeting students.

“The biggest expectation I had was that every student would love writing but in reality, some students love writing and some students aren’t as passionate about it,” said Larsen.

While its early in the year, Larsen is excited to see what works, and teach it in the future.

“I hope to teach this class again, I’ve been enjoying it and would love to continue teaching it. It’s too early to tell what changes I would make; however, I would adjust my timelines and how much time I give students to work on assignments.” 

Ms. Larsen teaches Creative Writing I and Creative Writing II. The classes are at the same time, but are not working on the same things. Creative Writing I has been focusing on their personal narratives that follow an individual event. Creative Writing II has been focusing on their memoirs that follow multiple events and their own personal projects. 

Students have already found her to be an incredibly big help.

“She gives us free time and is really helpful,” said  Emily Campbell.

“I love writing, it’s a way to express myself,” said Nora Edwards. 

If students are looking for a new and fun class that also challenges their abilities, Creative Writing would be the place to go. Stop by room 108 and talk to Ms. Larsen about questions or inquiries.