Leaving her mark

Ms. Graves making immediate impact on cosmetology students


Ms. Graves was awarded the FCPS Rising Tide Award in her first month at LHS. Photo courtesy of FCPS.

Connie Ulloa and Jaelyn Campos, Staff Reporters

A person that has a tattoo of their profession must be very passionate about the career they chose.

Ms. Chandralinette Graves, the new cosmetology teacher at Liberty High School, is one of these people. She still recalls getting the comb and scissor tattoo behind her right ear.

After eight years in the hair styling industry, she moves on to a new role as a teacher at our very own Liberty High School.

 Ms. Graves, the youngest in her family, was born in Washington DC, and moved to Amissville, VA at the age of eight with her family. Ever since Ms. Graves was a young child, she knew what she wanted to be when she got older.

When she was a young girl  she would pretend to be a hairstylist and cut her Barbie doll’s hair. When she came of age to study what she always desired, she got all her knowledge at Piedmont Technical and Locust Grove Votech.

She now has eight years of experience in the beauty career and though she has taught other adults at her school, she is now a first-time cosmetology teacher in a high school. 

Due to being a first-time high school educator in the beauty industry, she says she feels connected to her students, which makes her feel comfortable and loved at Liberty High School.

She hopes to inspire and teach her students to become excellent hair stylists. 

“I love teaching others what I love to do, especially the younger generation, they make me feel younger,” said Graves.

She mentioned that her students have been very welcoming and kind.

“She is funny, chill, an engaging teacher, and really kind,” said Deysi Meneses-Olivo.

“She is really active as a person and loud, but a good loud,” said Fernanda Ramos. “She is very friendly and stern when needed.”

Many students throughout the day look forward to being in her class and especially learning to style hair on mannequins. 

Ms. Graves stated that she is an outdoor person. Her favorite food is seafood. She loves to travel to many locations, especially to Cabo San Lucas. She finds peace and enjoyment in gardening vegetables and flowers, hiking, and the countryside.

Though excelling in many categories, she is most proud to be a mom.

“My biggest accomplishment that I’m proud of is being a mom to my two sons,” said Graves. 

Both of her sons are now adults making their way to success. Ms. Graves is very fond of how far her children have come in life and their accomplishments.

Overall everyone is speaking very fondly about Ms. Graves and her teaching style. We have been in school for about a month now, in addition Fauquier County Public Schools has now awarded Ms. Graves the “Rising Tide Award”.

Liberty High School’s Twitter page (@LHSEAGLESVA) states that she may be the quickest employee to be awarded the “Rising Tide Award.” 

LHS hopes to have her here inspiring students and teaching cosmetology to future generations for years to come.

If this next adventure continues to work out for Ms. Graves, maybe one day she will get another tattoo; perhaps one that is teaching-themed.