Now brewing in Bealeton

Starbucks opens long awaited franchise across from Liberty High School.


Next to the Arby’s on 17, The Starbucks sits right across the street from LHS. Photo by Mr. Sealey.

Jaelyn Campos, Staff Reporter

What is better than a fresh cup of brewed coffee on a chilly winter morning? How about a cold refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day?

Bealeton now has the answer. 

A new addition has been added to our humble community, and the long wait for a Starbucks franchise is finally over.

The highly anticipated opening of one of the most successful companies in the beverage industry in our very own town. Starbucks is now in Bealeton on the corner of Marsh Road and Lafayette Ave. 

Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops across the United States and is a premier roaster and retailer of specialty drinks around the world. Many of the stores share the same appearance and usually sell the same items on the menu, often at the same prices.

Besides coffee, Starbucks also sells other beverages and baked goods like cake pops and croissants. The shop is a favorite of many coffee lovers.

After patiently waiting for the development of the new Starbucks right across the street from Liberty High School, many of the students have been extremely excited about its opening. A lot of students have already had the opportunity to enter the new coffeehouse, observe the style and get an overall feel for the place.

It is decorated with comfortable wooden chairs, soft couches, clean round tables, vibrant green plants, and many windows to allow the flow of natural light.

“I like it. It’s very comfortable and lounge-like”, says Tawanna Pearson, a student at Liberty High School.

It gives a very quiet and tranquil ambiance. A perfect place for students and teachers to sit down, enjoy a drink, and catch up on studies or work. It also displays a variety of merchandise and products, such as cups, t-shirts, and bagged roasts of coffee.  

Although this restaurant is still only in its first weeks, it is experiencing some slight setbacks. One student describes their experience as they were getting ready to order one of their favorite drinks of the season, the pumpkin spice latte, when they were told they were out of pumpkin spice.

“Since we are a new store, we don’t have much of the resources needed to make these drinks”, said one of the workers. “Most of our ingredients are out by the end of the day.”

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

“I went through the drive-thru to order a dragon fruit refresher but I was told they were out of the ingredients to make it,” said sophomore Connie Ulloa.

Although good for business, all the hype of the opening has made them unable to keep up with the large quantity of customers and the demand.

Besides the issues with the delays and the limited amount of resources needed to make the items on their menu, this new Starbucks location is a perfect place for students and teachers to sit down and have a little rest and relaxation from school. It is also a good place for students to get breakfast in the morning and hang out with their friends after school.

Overall, this Starbucks is a perfect addition to our growing community and hopefully Bealeton will see more new additions to the community as it continues to grow rapidly.


The interior of the news Starbucks receives a ton of natural light. Photo by Jaelyn Campos.