Students organizing peaceful protest in show of LGBTQ+ support

Susy Holbrook, Features Editor

Liberty High School is allowing a walk out to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights.

Liberty High School has been in talks with students in an effort to safely orchestrate a walkout on September 27 at 1:05 pm, to express support of trans, queer, and other students impacted by recent Department of Education drafted laws. 

Students can participate by exiting the doors near the office and walking out the football stadium by the highway where they will be supervised by LHS staff. 

The Virginia State Governor Glenn Youngkin and his team are working to pass laws that take away the rights of transgender and queer students as part of the new Virginia model policy. 

The walkout is an opportunity for students to safely take a stand and have their voice heard. 

The model policies, released Friday evening, require schools to categorize transgender children by their biological sex when it comes to using the bathroom, locker room and other facilities and participating in activities. They also bar students from adopting a new name or pronouns without parental permission.

This limits how Fauquier County Public School and Liberty High School staff can address, interact with, and support students with these needs. 

A Google form shared with students expressed student organizers’ desire to have a “peaceful protest.” 

Administrators, counselors, Officer Crummett, and Deputy Meyer will be present to ensure the safety of all participating students. 

All students will be marked absent or tardy to 4th block if they choose to participate.