Paper vs Computers

Students and teachers chime in on what medium is best for school work

Isabel Vasbinder, Staff Reporter

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, many teachers have decided to switch to using the computer instead of using paper for classwork and assignments, but is this really what the students wanted?

 Some students would rather use paper than having to use the computer. Others, however, are happy with using a laptop or PC.

When it comes to note-taking and writing stuff down, some students would rather use paper. Not only does it make taking notes easier, but some students also find writing fun. It also makes it more convenient whenever a student needs to double check something, or when they are studying for a test.

“I prefer paper because I love to write, and I find it easier to take notes,” said sophomore Daniela Montiflores.

Senior Hailey Marquise says having notes on paper helps her stay organized.

“I love writing stuff down, and I feel more in control of where I have located it,” said Marquise.

For junior Julie Contreras, paper is the more convenient option.

“I love improving my writing skills, and [paper] is more convenient,” said Contreras.

When it comes to speed, the computer is the key. Not only do some students find it is more convenient to use rather than paper, but it also helps them finish their classwork faster.

“I like using the computer because it makes working on my classwork much easier,” said freshman Alex Gomez.

For senior Kaylee Cardoza, using the computer is faster than paper, as hand cramps don’t happen as often on the computer.

“I prefer using the computer because it is faster for me to type rather than having to write everything out by hand,” said Cardoza.

When it comes to convenience, junior Logan Taylor prefers the computer.

“I like using the computer because it is more convenient, and typing helps me complete my classwork faster rather than having to write it all out,” said Taylor.

Which one is more beneficial to students overall? A number of Liberty Eagles have the preference of using the computer; however, paper is still a desire to keep around. Many of our students prefer using the computer, because typing is much easier than writing and it is more of a convenience than paper.

When it comes to grading, and creating assignments, there is a wide variety of different opinions on the LHS staff. While some teachers enjoy using paper, others show favoritism to using the computer.

“I think students learn the best when they use paper, but when it comes to teaching, it is easier to grade assignments digitally,” said English teacher Ms. Jeanne Converse.

When it comes to math, Ms. Piercy says that she likes being able to see what she is writing, and it helps her learn better.

“I prefer paper, because I like being able to see physically what I am writing, and I feel like students learn better when they write stuff down,” said Piercy.

History Teacher Ms. Kristen Hunsley says that using the computer is the easiest way to go.

“I like using the computer to teach because it makes it easier for my students to keep track of their assignments,” said Hunsley.

Overall, students think that the computer is easier, and more convenient, but some students think paper is more helpful when it comes to taking notes. Teachers also think that the computer is great for grading, but they think learning is better on paper.

Which one is better may remain subject to personal preference, but both paper assignments and computer work are here to stay.