Colleen Hoover becoming a breakout author at LHS


Sophomore Kathy Alfaro is one of many Liberty student readers picking up copies of Colleen Hoover books. She is seen her reading “Verity.” Photo by Susy Holbrook.

Susy Holbrook, Features Editor

Colleen Hoover has become a popular name amongst teenagers at LHS.

Her books spark interest in the teenage mind; as evident through the millions of TikTok posts worldwide. The social media stardom found on BookTok has been an inspiration to Liberty High School readers.

BookTok is a relatively new term used in today’s society; referring to TikTok posts that recommend books to other people, summarize books, and share opinions on them. 

Some of Hoover’s most popular books include: “It Ends With Us,” “Ugly Love,” “Verity,” “Heart Bones,” “Reminders of Him,” “Confess,” “November 9,” and many more.

While Hoover’s audience mainly consists of young adult readers, younger teens are also enjoying her spicy romance novels. 

“I love that she does male point of views! When I finish her books, I always go through a range of emotions,” said junior Anahi Carcamo.

“The endings make her books that much more appealing. The hype on TikTok makes her books popular,” said junior Shannon Cooper.

The overall popularity of Hoover’s books make them a must have in the Liberty library.

“Everyone loves love; especially when it’s realistic and you feel like you know the characters,” said LHS librarian, Ms. Haf Corbin.  “Her books definitely pull on the heartstrings of readers. Everyone wants their fairytale moment.”

Hoover’s most popular book is arguably  “It Ends With Us.” This book has touched many hearts and sold millions of copies. Due to the popularity of this book, it is being adapted into a movie.

Although her books are exceptionally popular, the school board doesn’t appreciate them as much as students do.

“Many of her books are being challenged and are on the verge of not being allowed in school libraries,” said Mrs. Corbin. 

Some of Hoover’s books are known for their explicit nature, making this concern somewhat reasonable because students in their early years of high school are still kids. It can be argued that students between the ages of 13-15 should not be reading the same thing as those who are 17-18 and about to enter adulthood.

“I wish each book had an age range. It would help me,” said Mrs.Corbin. 

“A lot of her books have inappropriate scenes and should be rated fourteen plus,” said Carcamo.

“Most of her books should have age ratings. They follow darker tones and include smut,” said Cooper.

With the amount of popularity that comes with Hoover’s name, mixed ratings also follow. Most people love her books, but some don’t feel they are worth the hype. Her books bring up many controversies but are popular nonetheless.  

“Some books are worth the hype. Those books would beIt Ends With Us,’ ‘All Your Perfects,’ and ‘Heart Bones.’ A book not worth the hype would be “Ugly Love,’” said Cooper.

Carcamo believes the emotions elicited by the novels make them worthy of all the attention.

“Her books are definitely worth the hype! They always make me either happy or sad,” said Carcamo.

Colleen Hoover is a great author to turn to if readers are looking for something that will get them into reading or just a new book in general.

The LHS Library features a few of her books. If students have any questions about the books they can contact Ms. Corbin.