Liberty shows heart and hustle in Homecoming victory against Sherando



Tyler Caporaletti had several big catches in the Eagles’ Homecoming victory against Sherando. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff.

Kayla Moyer, Sports Editor

Friday, October 7, was Liberty High School’s Homecoming Football game against the Sherando High School Warriors.

Sherando was co-leader of the Northwestern District entering the game, but the score was 35-29 with Liberty winning by seven. 

During the first half of the game, Liberty was down by two scores. It seemed like with every touchdown Liberty got Sherando would score another one. 

Liberty came out of halftime knowing they weren’t out of the game and that they could win if they played hard and played to the end. There was also a motivational speech from the coaching staff. 

During halftime, Liberty celebrated its Homecoming festivities with the announcement of the Homecoming queen and king along with the Homecoming court. Jayna Tumblin and Joey Triplett were crowned Homecoming queen and king. 

After halftime, Liberty scored 21 unanswered points with Andrew Ryman scoring the go-ahead touchdown. 

“I was worried the play was gonna get called because there was a flag on it, but when the touchdown was allowed I was extremely excited. This is my first year playing football and to contribute to the team like that was pretty cool,” said Ryman. 

At 9:43 during the 4th quarter, Liberty and Sherando were tied with the score being 29-29. Just seven minutes later with 2:54 left in the game, Ryman’s touchdown made the score 35-29 in LHS’ favor.

 Sherando looked like they were going to score a touchdown late with a 70-yard run, but LHS safety Dom Coles chased the running back down and tackled him in an incredible show of effort. 

“My mind just kept saying never give up, there was something in my brain that was telling him that the game wasn’t over yet,” said Coles.

Ending the game, Sherando fumbled the ball within the five-yard line. All Liberty needed to win was a first down and Liberty got it the very next play, ending the game.

This is Liberty’s second victory in the 2022 season. Next week, Friday the 14th, Liberty will play the James Wood Colonels at Eagle Stadium.