LHS esports are smashing their way to victory


The LHS Stardust Crusaders compete against VHSL competition on Wednesday’s at 4. Emmanuel Thomas (pictured) is undefeated in games helping the team to a 2-2 match record. Photo by Mr. Sealey

Diego Blanco, Entertainment & Opinion Editor

The gaming world is full of diversity and the games involved with it have shaped the world and changed pop culture as a whole. The world went from “Pong” to “Super Mario Bros” to “Red Dead Redemption” in 30 to 40 years, but one thing remains the same: with every game there is a community who loves a challenge and will inevitably find a way to make it competitive.

At LHS, that community exists in the form of the esports team. 

Esports stands for electronic sports, which is exactly what it sounds like. Players will connect online for competition through video games. Esports is another way for people to unite together to enjoy a single common thing, the love and passion for games. 

Esports is in many schools since video games appeal to many people all over the world. Liberty High School has its esports teams registered through the web service, PlayVS. The site serves as a team hub and a matchmaker that helps create matchups amongst eligible opposition.

Students in esports pick what team they will play for in the registration and preseason phase, which include games such as “Super Smash Bros Ultimate,” “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” and “Rocket League.” LHS fields a team in all three titles. Other options include “Splatoon 3,” “Hearthstone,” “League of Legends,” “NBA 2k23,” and “Madden NFL 23.”

“Esports is extraordinarily fun, it may not be physically challenging like other sports, but it is still hard to do. Every loss hurts and every win is an ecstatic feeling,” said junior Elijah Henley. 

Esports is just like another sport, players join and play, they practice, and prepare for scrimmages, matches, and championships which are given on designated days from Monday to Friday, which allows for players to practice before and after the game day. 

LHS’ Super Smash team, the LHS Stardust Crusaders, competes every week on Wednesday. While the “Rocket League” team, Aerial Eagles, and the “Mario Kart” team, LHS Stone Ocean, competes on Thursdays.

Coach Jason Cody and coach John Sealey guide the esports team. They help with new strategies and plans for future games, and they also help set up the entirety of esports for the fall and spring seasons. 

“We hope to have fun and help players be the best they can be,” said coach Cody 

Esports is another sport that can bring people with a common interest together, as schools battle for the title of best teams.

So far the esports team have a wide array of success. The Stardust Crusaders are 2-2, while Stone Ocean is 3-1.

Aerial Eagles are an all freshmen group consisting of three players: Caleb, Farnsworth, Kai Marcano-Hunter, and Dylan McDonald.

Stone Ocean is also an all freshmen squad. They consist of four players: Ethan Buron, Morgan Baker, Cole Kolyer, and Waylon Poole.

Emmanuel Thomas, Ryan Chloros, Elijah Henley, Brenn Worley, and Theresa Seaman are the LHS Stardust Crusaders.