Halloween Ends…. It Should Have Ended Sooner


Jazmyn Sullivan, Staff Reporter

“Halloween Ends” is the last movie in the newest “Halloween” trilogy.Halloween Ends is not the worst “Halloween” movie in the franchise, but it comes close.

The film did not deliver on its trailer of Micheal Myers (James Jude Courtney) and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) going head to head for the last time. Instead, it only showed them going head-to-head in the final two minutes of the movie. This disappointing decision led to an underwhelming ending to an otherwise iconic movie franchise. 

The worst part of this movie was how little screen time Michael got. This movie did not feel like a Halloween movie at all due to the absence of the main character. There was barely any of John Carpenter’s infamous music, which was the backbone of the Halloween franchise and made every Halloween movie iconic and unforgettable. I wouldn’t say I liked how they pushed a brand new character, Corey, into the film and made the entire movie about him because it came off as a movie that attempts to replace Micheal instead of focusing on him.

In the movie, Micheal supposedly takes this new character Corey under his wing and teaches him how to stalk and kill people. To me, this made absolutely zero sense. Every fan of the “Halloween” series knows Micheal Myers would never do this. He never showed any signs of being a mentor or nurturing type of ideology in any of the past “Halloween” movies before. It was heartbreaking watching Micheal almost look like a father more than a serial killer. 

Another thing I disliked in the movie was my favorite character in the franchise, Laurie Strode. This movie makes her entire personality different; Laurie went from being stubborn and determined to being uninterested in Micheal and the pain he inflicted on people. It is evident that she is older, but that does not stop her from trying to hunt Micheal and fight him in “Halloween (2018)” and “Halloween Kills.” It felt like she did not care about Micheal anymore, even though he was still out there and he had killed Lauries daughter in the previous movie. Laurie’s whole character is based on how traumatized she is from Micheal’s attacks in 1978, but you would not be able to tell from this movie. 

Although “Halloween Ends” had some terrible movie decisions and a terrible storyline, the jump scares were very pleasing. The twists and turns in the movie were entertaining and unexpected. Additionally, I loved how Laurie had a significant other who stayed alive until the end of the film. The character Laurie Strode deserves a somewhat happy ending due to the hell she got put through in the movies. 

“Halloween (2018)” and “Halloween Kills” had a lot of potential for a satisfying ending. The trailer for Halloween Ends looked so good and promising, however, the final result showed otherwise. The conclusion of this film was weak. Micheal Myers practically had more screen time in the trailer than in the movie itself. There were just a lot of missed opportunities. Also, the film wasn’t as scary as it was supposed to be; it felt very PG-13, with barely any kills.

In all honesty, there wasn’t a need for a trilogy since “Halloween (2018)” had a memorable showdown between Michael and Laurie and a very satisfying ending for fans.