LHS Project Lit Gets Spooky With Tiffany Jackson


Photo property of Tiffany Jackson from Twitter.

Isabel Vasbinder, Staff Reporter

For the month of October, Liberty High School’s book club, Project Lit, has gotten spooky for the Halloween season with some fabulous mysteries by young adult novelist, Tiffany Jackson. Many of her books are extremely popular among our Liberty Eagles. 

Tiffany Jackson was born and raised in Brooklyn Heights, New York. She decided that she had first wanted to become a writer just at the age of four. She attended high school at Hendrick Hudson High School. After graduating, she attended Howard University to study film. Later on, she eventually decided to move back to New York to receive her master’s degree in Media Studies from The New School University. Being the author of eight best-selling young adult novels, there is a book everyone will enjoy. 

Jackson has written many of the best-selling books including: “Allegedly,” “Grown,” and “Monday’s Not Coming.” She has also written multiple other books like “Let Me Hear A Rhyme,” “White Smoke,” which is her horror debut novel, and “Blackout.”

With books from Tiffany Jackson like “Allegedly,” “Grown,” and “White Smoke,” there is a terrifyingly excellent read for everyone. 

Ms. Haf Corbin, one of our librarians here at LHS, states  that Tiffany Jackson is among many of the popular authors during the month of October. 

“I think this author is popular among our students because mystery is a popular genre, and she (Jackson) is a newer author with modern stories that people can relate to,” said Corbin. 

With thirty-six times being checked out, “Monday’s Not Coming” is among the most popular books by Tiffany Jackson. Coming in second place, Allegedly falls right behind “Monday’s Not Coming” with a total of twenty-nine total times being checked out. 

Ms. Corbin says that before checking out one of Jackson’s books, you should be prepared to never put the book down. 

“Every Student who checks out a book by Jackson becomes addicted,” said Corbin.  “Once you start reading one of Jackson’s books, you will never want to put the book down.” 

When it comes to the month of October, there is nothing better than a spooky mystery that becomes so addicting, and also leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole entire time you read it. Tiffany Jackson is the featured author for October because of her gripping mysteries that leave you with chills and cliffhangers.

Currently, one of Jackson’s books is among many books that are trending right now in our very own library. “Monday’s Not Coming” is one of many books that has reached trending status. 

Ms.Corbin also says that students who are interested in reading some of Jackson’s books should start off by reading “Allegedly,” one of her personal favorites. 

“I would recommend people to read Allegedly first because that book provides an introduction to Jackson’s writing style,” said Corbin. 

English teacher Mrs. Jeanne Converse decided to sponsor Project Lit because she wanted students to be able to see themselves in different books. 

“I went to an English conference with various authors like Jason Reynolds and Tiffany Jackson that mentioned how they became a writer and how they were able to see themselves in the books, and it made me reflect on the books I teach allows students to see themselves or not,’ said Converse. 

Mrs. Converse also said that she thinks the books “Allegedly” and “Monday’s Not Coming” are among some of the most popular books by Jackson. 

“I think it is a tie between ‘Allegedly’ and ‘Monday’s Not Coming’ because other English classes have read it, and the students in that class have loved the books, so they go and tell others about the book which creates a domino effect, and everyone who has read these books have loved it,” said Converse. 

When it comes to the students, however, there are mixed opinions on which one of Jackson’s many popular books they think is the most popular. 

Sophomore Jazmyne Mighty recommends one of her favorites by Tiffany Jackson, “White Smoke.” 

“I would recommend people to read ‘White Smoke’ because it is a well-written mystery book, and it keeps you on your toes the whole time you’re reading it,” said Mighty. 

The next Project Lit meeting will take place around November 23rd, 2022. The club will have a Thanksgiving holiday party. See either Ms. Corbin in the library, or Mrs.Converse in room 105 for a SOAR pass. 

Mrs. Converse says that people should join the club because it gives them a break from life and helps them escape reality. 

“People are encouraged to join Project Lit because we read newer books with a diversity of characters, and each book that we read can relate to each student in some way,” said Converse. “Reading these books not only gives students a break from schoolwork and classes, but it also helps them escape reality and see themselves as a character in a book,’ said Converse. 

For the month of November, Project Lit will feature the book, “Free Lunch” by Rex Ogle. We hope to see some of our Liberty Eagles there.