December is the best holiday decorating month

Decorating before Turkey Day is simple way to get placed on this year’s naughty list

Susy Holbrook, Features Editor

On November 1, I walked into my fourth block class and was completely flabbergasted.

It was only one day after Halloween, and my teacher, Mr. John Sealey, had already put up Christmas decorations in his classroom.

Honestly, who does that? What about Thanksgiving? Was I alone in this outrage? Naturally, I had to ask around LHS and find out if other students like me, would be as equally outraged.

Many people believe that the Christmas festivities should wait to be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. However, there are a select few that think it is perfectly okay to celebrate Christmas before the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Eleventh grade English and creative writing teacher, Ms. Christine Larsen, was very adamant about the fact that Christmas should be celebrated before Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving is a national holiday, We should enjoy the season of being thankful. Also, if you celebrate Christmas too early then it loses its special effect,” said Larsen.

Senior Amara Collins loves Christmas, but she also agrees that there is a certain time for it to be celebrated.

“Christmas should be celebrated after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas and decorating, but Black Friday has a reason,” said Collins.  

Senior Kendall Johnson also believes that Christmas festivities should wait until after Christmas; however, her reason is that Thanksgiving creates anticipation for the Christmas season.

“I love Thanksgiving, it gets me excited for Christmas,” said Johnson.

Senior Mason LaChance thinks that Christmas is a magical holiday that should be something separate from Thanksgiving.

“If you celebrate Christmas too early then you get tired of it,” said LaChance.

Senior Colin Arey had a similar take on this debate.

“Thanksgiving needs its moment too. If you celebrate Christmas too early then it loses meaning,” said Arey.  

Senior Gabriella Downey was very vocal on her viewpoint of this debate.

“If you celebrate before then that’s weird and excessive,” said Downey. 

A large majority of students and staff interviewed stated that people need to have time to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

“Thanksgiving should get November, you’re anticipating the holiday spirit,” said junior Jonathan Valdizon. 

“You need time for Thanksgiving; Christmas already has an entire month,” said senior Cheyenne Harris.

Thanksgiving is an important part of our history; therefore, students believe that Thanksgiving should be acknowledged.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday and we have to respect that,” said junior Nicholas Thodal.

Thanksgiving is one of Mr. Kevin Odlum’s favorite holidays. He enjoys being able to feast and spend time with family. 

“You should celebrate after, because I love celebrating with family and eating good food,” said Odlum.

While many of these students and staff stated that Christmas is important and needs its own time after Thanksgiving, there were a select few that said that Christmas can be celebrated before Thanksgiving. 

“I think Christmas should be celebrated before Thanksgiving because December goes by so fast. When you come home from Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t worry about decorating for Christmas,” said junior Ashlyn Leatherwood.

Senior Paige Adams also believes that you should start decorating for Christmas early.

“It is totally fine to start celebrating before Thanksgiving. Christmas is a longer holiday and you need to decorate early,” said Adams.

Senior Evan Cox had a unique opinion on this debate.

“You should start celebrating Christmas the day before Thanksgiving, it gives people enough time to get in the spirit of Christmas,” said Cox.

“I like starting before because it’s a positive environment that fills the house with joy and it looks pretty,” said sophomore Krystal Garner.

While the pro-Christmas crowd has their supporters, a Liberty student majority appears to have united against early decorating.