Eagle eyes are on 2022 World Cup


Photo from Sporting News.

Jaelyn Campos, Staff Reporter

GOALLLLL! The crowd goes wild as we enter the quarter finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Students and teachers at Liberty High school are going crazy with a mix of emotions in each game and watching whenever they can. Sometimes it is between breaks, during SOAR, and while walking in the halls. This years World Cup has LHS students and teachers at the edge of their seats.

Its been a while since the last World Cup, because of the fact that they are every four years. The teams that are performing well and made it to the 16th round of the World Cup are Netherlands, Senegal, England, USA, Brazil, France, Australia, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Croatia, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and Portugal. 

 A lot of LHS students are anxious about the quarter finals, due to having their preferred teams still in the World Cup. So far the teams that are still in the competition are France, Brazil, Portugal, England, Netherlands, Argentina, Morocco and Croatia. Their wins and skills have brought them this far. 

However, it seems that there are some teams that played in the World Cup, that did not actually deserve to be there according to some students here at Liberty High School.

“I kind of think one of the teams would be Qatar because the place where they are holding the games is in that country. Its like, you know when you’re a kid, and they let you play only because you’re the owner of the ball. Yeah that’s basically Qatar,” said Stephanie Monterosso.

Speaking of skills, there are many skillful and talented players currently playing in the World Cup that are favorites of many students here at LHS. 

 “In my opinion the best player right now in the world cup is Lionel Messi, the G.O.A.T.,” said Pedro Portillo.

Though many students might have different opinions about the World Cup, it is important to remember that it is just a friendly competition that brings countries from all over the world together.

Another controversial topic currently between the LHS students are whether some the referees calls are fair or not. So far the referees have called bad plays in some of the recent games.

“In the games that I’ve seen the referees are making too many unnecessary offsides,” said Angely Gonzalez. “In the first game between Ecuador and Qatar, they made a goal and marked it offside, but when they showed the close up of why it was offside, it was just a finger, a small finger that was out of place. Like, be for real.”

As the World Cup goes on in this tight competition it is difficult to say who has the clear advantage to win. The teams going against each other for the semi-finals are Netherlands vs. Argentina, Croatia vs. Brazil, England vs. France and Morocco vs. Portugal.

The only thing left to see in this head to head competition is who will fight till the last goal.

Mrs. Jaraba’s Spanish class watch the South Korea vs Portugal World Cup match with Spanish subtitles in class. Photo by Jaelyn Campos.