Jaraba nominated for national education award


When Mrs. Jaraba is not in the classroom, she expands her knowledge of the world by traveling. She is seen here at Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jaraba.

Connie Ulloa, Staff Reporter

Liberty High School is extremely proud of Spanish teacher, Mrs. Yajaira Jaraba, who has been recently nominated for the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High Schoolers (NSHSS).

The National Society of High Schoolers is an organization formed by James W. Lewis in 2002. Lewis is a senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prize. Members of this organization will become lifetime members.

Members of the NSHSS nominate outstanding educators who have made striking contributions to the academic career of students, all over the world.

The intent of this honor as nominees is to recognize remarkable educators in 170 countries around the world. They recognize educators’ dedication to motivate students to grow as individuals and scholars.

Mrs. Yajaira Jaraba is a Spanish teacher at Liberty High School. Who has come to the United States from Colombia, a few years back. 

She is a very warm-hearted and caring person. She always makes sure her students feel at home and comfortable in her class, and she connects with her students in many ways.

What makes her unique from all the other teachers is that she uses a different approach when teaching her students. She makes sure her students are always exceeding expectations in her classes and that they are understanding the content they are learning. If they are having trouble understanding any content, she will help them out in a way that they will understand.

One of the things that Mrs. Jaraba establishes her unique teaching by creating class parties and brings pinatas to her students. She does this so her students can have fun and enjoy each other’s presence in class parties, as well as breaking the pinatas and getting all the goodies. People may assume that she only do this for her students to enjoy and have fun, but Mrs. Jaraba has said that it is something she has implemented especially for her students of different colors and ethnicities to come together as one. 

Many of her students enjoy these moments and will cherish them forever.

“She works at your pace and level of understanding so she can teach you more and advance your learning. You can tell she likes teaching and enjoys being a teacher, she is a very outgoing person as well,” said sophomore Jaelyn Campos.

“Her teaching style is unique from other teachers,” said sophomore Dayanna Garcia “She is a very warm-hearted person and funny as well, she jokes around in between lessons to keep us entertained” 

“She really got to know me and she really cares not only me but all her students as well,” said sophomore Ayden Demko

“She is super sweet towards her students and truly understanding,” said sophomore Kimberlyn Saravia “She does not give up on someone till they understand the content of the class”

Most agree that Ms. Jaraba has gone above and beyond for the expectations for the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction award and that she sets a shining example for the community at Liberty High School.