Liberty students play dodgeball for a cause

Karly McDonough, Staff Reporter

Liberty High School hosted a dodgeball tournament this year, as students and staff members competed during SOAR in an attempt to help SCA raise funds for graduation. 

The dodge ball tournament was a fundraiser for Senior SCA and Champions Together. Registration fees were collected at $30 a team, and the money for the fundraiser went towards graduation related expenses.

 The first round was on February 2 and the final championships were on February 9 during SOAR.

The winner was an entry named L-Run Represent. Their lineup was Dylan Boone, Braden Perry, Corbin Barb, Cody Meyers, Shawn Garner, and Tayler Schaeffer. 

¨I wanted to participate in the dodgeball game because I want to support the senior class and Champions Together. I wanted to play dodgeball with all of my friends because we are all athletes and I thought it would be fun,¨ said L-Run Represent captain, Dylan Boone. 

Austin Mawyer, Andrew Ryman, Brandon Mock, Jonathan Doores, Dylan Richads, and Jonathan Storey competed as The Rizzards. They placed second in the tournament.

The Steppas were a team consisting of Noah Shamblin, Gavin Cooke, Damian Gonzalez Strother, Shaun Aubrey, Joey Triplett, and Roberty Forry. 

SCA  fielded a team as well with their representatives Thanu Kraiwan, Bonnie Quansah, Rashell Gonzalez, Bruce Chaney, Caitlyn Chaney, and Jamaya Shellington

The staff team utilized the talent of Matt Darnell, Travis Buzzo, Jaral Jones, Kelsey Price, Glenn Skelly, Tess Siburn, and Riley Cole on their Staff Swoldiers squad. 

The Lady Eagles was an all female student team. Isabel Vasbinder, Jazmyne Mighty, Riley Covington, Savanna Balamuta, Anne Okolo and Jadyn Flannagan Webster will compete for them. 

Mrs. Aubri Buzzo was in charge of the event.

“It did end up being a successful fundraiser,” said Buzzo. “I could see us doing this again next year.”

The winning team from the game received a McDonalds breakfast.