Track and field racing with Rodman

LHS Eagles embark on a journey with a new coach


Coach Rodman encourages her runners during district competition. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff.

Amara Collins, Features Editor

Coach Andrea Rodman started coaching Liberty High School’s cross country team as an assistant coach in 2017.

At the time, her son, Sam Rodman was a freshman. After that fall, Rodman continued to coach the distance group for indoor and outdoor track. A major part of Rodman’s coaching journey comes from her son. As Sam started running in middle school, principal Samuel Cox encouraged Rodman to come over to Liberty and be apart of the coaching staff.

“I think we were both seeing the potential in Sam and we wanted to maximize that potential. Looking back, it worked out perfectly and I am forever grateful for the opportunity,” said Rodman.

Since that humble beginning, Sam Rodman has gone on to graduate and become an Ivy League running champion, while mom has a new athletic opportunity of her own: serve as the head coach of indoor and outdoor track at LHS.

“When I was the distance coach I knew I wanted to work with the sprinters more. I knew
the struggles I was helping the distance athletes with were also being felt on the sprint side too,” said Rodman.

Since becoming head coach, Rodman has implemented goals throughout each season. Her biggest goal being to see kids grow and mature in themselves.

“When athletes start to realize their potential and they start to believe in themselves, and see what they can accomplish, it is really the greatest feeling,” said Rodman.

Coach Rodman is a mom, a runner, and a coach. She balances school, teaching, coaching and being a parent. These obligations can come with struggles. Rodman’s biggest struggle now is realizing she’s coaching kids who aren’t going home with her. She’s unable to have motivational conversations and individual talks when the self doubt sinks into these kids.

“I have to try to get all the talks and discussions in between 3-5 pm and hope they carry over to the next day when I see the athletes again,” said Rodman.

For this indoor season, Rodman wants to finish the season strong with good momentum moving forward into the spring. Rodman has shared some pretty big moments with Liberty’s Track and Field this season, her favorite being the Bulldog Invitational.

“We took a big group and it was stressful but everyone got to compete inside and feel the energy and have those memories,” said Rodman.

Off the track Rodman started teaching this year at Liberty. Now in the classroom at Liberty everyday, it gives her a way to feel more connected to the team.

Overall, Liberty’s Track and Field has thrived this season with a relay qualifying for states along with 4 individuals who have qualified as well.

“I feel like this outdoor season has been pretty successful both for me and everyone else. There’s been so much progress on everyone’s part and I think that’s really great,” said senior Aidan Neidich.

LHS winter track sent nine athletes to states on Feb 27 and 28. Owen Rogers, Aidan Neidich, Cole Hoffman, Jacob Phelps, Ryan Wilson-McCoy, Isabelle Cavins, Amara Collins, Janet Adu Gyafami, Maya Turner were all state qualifiers for their respected events.

Going into spring season, the track team will face some challenges due to the actual track being resurfaced, but their ready to defy those odds and celebrate their successes.

Coach Andrea Rodman became the head track and field coach at LHS this fall. Photo courtesy of Rodman.