“Not Dead Yet” Engulfing Fans nationwide on ABC and Hulu


Photo property of Hulu.

Isabel Vasbinder, Staff Reporter

Airing on February 8, 2023, “Not Dead Yet” became one of the most-watched shows on ABC.

“Not Dead Yet” has accumulated 47 percent on the Tomatometer, a scoring meter on Rotten Tomatoes where top critics place reviews and personal opinions on shows and movies.

“Not Dead Yet” got an average rating on the Tomatometer of 6.3 out of 10; however, on the audience meter, the show scored a whopping 81 percent with an average four-star rating.

The leading lady of this show is Gina Rodrguez. Rodriguez plays the main character, Nell Serrano; Serrano has decided that she wants to restart her life and the career that she had left behind ten years prior. She ends up moving in with a roommate in a small apartment.

Serrano finally ends up landing a job at her local newspaper writing obituaries. However, there is one small problem, whenever Nell has to write a new obituary for someone, she sees that person with her own eyes; The problem is that she is the only one who can see them.

Serrano inevitably starts getting some life advice in the strangest way possible, from the deceased people she sees.

“Not Dead Yet” also stars Joshua Banday as Dennis, Angela Elayne Gibbs as Cricket, Hannah Simone as Sam, and Lauren Ash as Lexi.

Dennis is the co-worker that assigns her to the beat on her first day of work, while Cricket and Sam are friends and co-workers of Nell. Lexi is Nell’s boss, who does not seem to like Nell at first, but eventually starts to build a tolerance for her.

I think this show is definitely in need of some minor improvements for it to be great.

One example is that some episodes can become easily unamusing, do not get me wrong, I enjoy most of the hilarious jokes that get placed in some episodes with so many in the show, but some of them tend to be highly unamusing.

However, there is an issue that I find very important regarding this show since the show comes on every Wednesday night, it always comes on later in the evening; I would be more inclined to watch every episode if it aired earlier at night, for example, another fan-favorite sitcom is “The Conners.”

“The Conners” comes on at 8 pm, and if “Not Dead Yet” came on at 8 pm instead, then I would watch each episode.

Gina Rodrigues stars as Nell Serano, seen here identifying a subject of an obituary. Photo Property of Forbes.