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Running to Success


Physical activities are a great way to improve your health and physical attributes if you want. Additionally, they can pave the way for success in the future. Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports worldwide, despite its popularity it takes a lot of dedication and pride in what you do to thrive in the sport. However success is not as easily found as many would believe it to be, to be truly great you must run towards a better position, and the following tips could really make a difference. 

Eating healthy, runners should eat around 20 calories for each pound they weigh. The average weight for a high school boy and girl is about 130 having them eat about 2600 calories a day. The average-sized runner burns about 100 calories per mile, so that can help determine your goal for how much you want to run.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do while running. Most of our water is lost from sweating, and that keeps the body cool because evaporated sweat takes the heat with it. Drinking lots of water during the summer is better for this reason. Hydration also keeps the body functioning properly. 24 to 32 ounces of water should be drank every hour of a run, however drinking too much water before or during a run can make you feel sick. 

Breathing should be focused on for runners. Rhythmic breathing is helpful, to practice it you should use belly breathing. Follow a pattern, inhale during 3 steps and exhale during 2. Breathing with both your nose and mouth is good during a run. Diaphragm exercises are great to do as well. 

Stretching helps with multiple things after a run or before. Tight muscles can be relaxed by stretching, and this prevents pain and stiffness in the near future. Lactic acid can also fill muscles, but stretching can have blood flow clear out the lactic acid. Recovery can be improved from this. 

Senior, Bonnie Quansah says “I like Pidgeon and butterfly stretches, for some reason, they feel the best.”

The best environment to run in is a shady area, close to water, and flat grass. Running in the shade or close to water can stop you from getting too hot to a point where it’s dangerous. Flat grass is one of the best surfaces to run on because your bones and joints will be less impacted compared to other surfaces. Your muscles also work harder because of the softness.

Senior Antwon Cline says “I like to run in mid 70 degree weather. It has to have a little breeze.”

Someone who wants to become a better runner will need to change their workout routine or start one. A workout routine focused on runners can strengthen your muscles and make them more durable, lowering your risk of injury. Weighted squats, weighted lunges, and box jumps are great exercises for building strength. While working out, you should not push yourself or lift too much, going easy will keep you from hurting yourself or getting sore the next day. 

Sleep is very important for runners. A runner should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep, but 8-10 is preferred. Lack of sleep can increase the risk of getting sick, so that’s why anything less than 7 is not good. Less sleep can also decrease stamina. For someone wanting to build stamina, they should be running as consistently as possible, but not running so much to the point where it’s hurting. Consuming healthy and nutritious foods will give your body what it needs to run further and increase stamina. 

Liberty alumni, Maya Turner, explains, “Before any race day I would go to bed between 7-8 pm to make sure I’m fully ready for a race day.”

Proper attire should be used if you want to keep your body safe. Lightweight materials are preferred for warmer weather. This keeps your body from not getting too hot. More insulated materials are better for colder weather. Don’t wear cotton because it holds moisture and doesn’t dry quickly. Shoes are very important when running. Running shoes are designated to prevent injury. Shoes that flex or roll in ways your foot moves at the pace you will be running in them are what you want to wear. Cushioning is made into most running shoes to reduce the impact when your foot hits the ground. 

Maya Turner says  “When I run, I like to run comfortably. I like lightweight clothes, especially light socks. I prefer running in chicken legs, they feel so comfortable and I feel like I can breathe when I run. For shoes, I prefer Hokas because if you have arch feet, these shoes will provide you great support and they have never caused me any injuries. For spikes, I prefer Saucony because they provide the best support and they feel super light. I have run in Saucony for a long time and have never had any problems with my feet.”

With all the advice given from these athletes, hopefully, an aspiring runner can start their journey. It will take a bit of time to get used to changing your schedule around so you can fit a run in. Focusing on what to eat and how much to drink really matters. Getting a workout in and stretching can help in the long run, but sleeping is even more important. Wearing just the right things should always be taught before a run. So grab your sneakers and water and head out for a run today!

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Cian Carroll, Staff Reporter
Hello, my name is Cian. I’m a Sophomore at Liberty High School. I’m in cross country. I enjoy music very much, I’m in choir and have been since 6th grade. I go to many concerts, sometimes I write my own music. My favorite movie series is Back to the Future. I’m also a big collector.

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    Ethan WilderOct 31, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Very helpful for new XC runners