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Things to Look Forward to on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is coming up and Liberty students are excited and ready for the festivities. 

Family, food, and sports are all things we look forward to this Thanksgiving. We also are excited to get Thanksgiving done and get ready for Christmas. But before we get there let’s look into what we are looking forward to this Thanksgiving. 

Because of Thanksgiving break, there’s more time to travel. Going out to travel can be fun and can give you a lot of opportunities for many things. You can discover cool new places, find jobs and schools, make new friends, and explore. Some people find relaxation when traveling, so if you’re stressed, it could be a nice break from work and school. Even if you’re just staying home for Thanksgiving, there’s a numerous amount of things that are great about staying home as well. You can get chores and work done so you won’t have to worry about the next week. Although being home means that you will not be able to see your friends or other family members, you could also spend quality time with your mother and father. This can help build better connections between your parents. You could also sleep in and relax at home. If you’re just going somewhere around 30 minutes away it’s still nice to go out. Most students are planning on visiting places like Manassas to see family and are just happy to spend some time outside the house and with their relatives and friends. 

Being able to spend time with your family, make connections, and even celebrate with your friends is an amazing quality of Thanksgiving. Many families like to play or watch sports during Thanksgiving as well. This is a way to be grateful for your family and the special memories and moments you make with them. While some people like to help cook and set up, others like to score a goal or throw a football. Watching football games can get the family riled up and spark conversations. Many people also enjoy playing soccer. Not only could this be a good chance to get some practice, but you could also teach some of your younger family members. It would also be a great opportunity to get some tips and tricks from more experienced family members.

Finally, what we all look forward to is the delicious food. The core of Thanksgiving is the delicious meals that are being shared with loved ones. Foods can differ from family to family and can be based on the family’s culture and ethnicity.  The popularity of each dish is no surprise as each is prepared differently and objectively culinary masterpieces that speak deeply to people. The Dishes students look forward to seeing the most are Tamales, Mac’ n’ Cheese, Pupusas, Mashed potatoes, and of course, Turkey. 

 “I just can’t wait to eat some Tamales, bro, like that’s literally all I’m excited for.” Kaima Morales.

These dishes are unsurprisingly spectacular. With Tamales, the Latin dish screams love, as they are handmade and passed down through generations in Latin to continue sharing the delectable combination of savory meats, sauces, and spices.

A similar dish is Mac N Cheese, commonly known as a comfort food. Mac N Cheese can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, with the diverse versions of the dish that change cheese or the style of pasta.

“I don’t really dislike anything but my favorite dish would probably be mac n’cheese, but all of the food is always really good and I look forward to that and getting to see my family,” said Amare Colbert.

While there are many great dishes none will be as iconic as Turkey. Turkey stands strong in American culture, being the first image people think of when they hear “Thanksgiving”. The popularity is synonymous with Turkey due to the many ways it could be served, however, it doesn’t matter how it‘s prepared, because Turkey always tastes amazing, making it a major dish people can’t wait to have with family. 

If you’re going somewhere new for Thanksgiving you could be able to try new food and see and participate in other traditions. It could inspire you to maybe start something new too. It’s common for people to pray and give thanks before eating as tradition or showing some sort of gratitude. Students can help cook and set up for Thanksgiving too. As much as some students don’t like to help, in the end, they helped the family have a great time and enjoy their Thanksgiving

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