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Leaving the Nest: Recapping my High School Journey


As my time at Liberty comes to an end, I would like to share my experiences from the last four years I have spent at Liberty. Liberty has allowed me to make new friends, obtain a good education, and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As the day comes closer and closer, it gets harder to think that I will soon be leaving the place where I have made so many amazing memories. 

Freshman year was full of chaos. Covid took over and everything was virtual or hybrid and it was, in my opinion, a disaster. I didn’t get to experience any of the fun things kids do in their first year of high school, but I wasn’t mad at it either. Getting to lay in bed all day wasn’t necessarily a con. 

Sophomore year was a big year for me, and probably everyone else as well. It all became real. No more online classes or A-day/B-day hybrid classes. It was the year I met a lot of new people, who ended up being people who would be a big part of my life. I took a lot of classes that I loved like cosmetology and child development. My only struggle during my sophomore year was the passing of my grandpa. 

Junior year was rough for me, I was tardy a lot and school just wasn’t interesting for me. I worked almost every day after school until nine or ten at night. I kept mostly good grades but wasn’t interested in my classes. I struggled with my attendance, especially after my dog died.

My senior year has probably been the most fun year of school for me. I found journalism and it was a life changer. Journalism is probably my favorite class I have taken in high school. As my time at Liberty comes to a close, my biggest regret is not taking it sooner.  

At Liberty, I have made a lot of amazing friends. They have helped to make school something to look forward to. They have encouraged me to be a better version of myself and I am grateful to have such amazing people to help me on this journey through high school.

My message behind all of this is that although school may seem hard, boring, or maybe even useless, and you may be discouraged by personal struggles, you can make it through. There will be hard times, times when you want to give up, but there will always be a brighter side. Enjoy high school and take advantage of the opportunities you are given. 

I will be leaving Liberty as a completely different person than when I came in. The amount of love and support in this school has truly changed me for the better. I am sad to be leaving, but I am doing so knowing that I have obtained an amazing education and lifelong experiences and friends. I will forever be grateful to have been an eagle.


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About the Contributor
Amari Hogan
Amari Hogan, Staff Reporter
My name is Amari, I am a senior and I am 17 years old! I’ve been at Liberty for all of my high school years. I love cooking and baking. Most of my time is spent testing out new recipes in the kitchen. I also love animals, especially my dogs, Jaeda and Bella! I love writing and math is my absolute favorite subject. I am moving on from high school early in December and I am super excited for my senior year!

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