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The Religious Background of Easter Sunday


Easter, otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus resurrecting from the dead. There are different religious traditions used for celebrating Easter. Churches have their ways of celebrating Easter. Not many people know the history of Easter and what happened with Jesus’s resurrection. 

The easter egg is mostly viewed all around the globe as a plastic egg that holds a surprise or a decorated egg for show. Families love waking up to a yard with hidden easter eggs scattered all around, but they don’t know the true meaning of the symbol. The egg represents new life and rebirth, but they are also shown to represent an empty tomb. Eggs would be dyed red to remember the blood of Christ. Lent is 40 days in which churches provide 3 pillars to focus on. Those pillars are fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. The fasting period is applied to any Catholic from age 18 to 59, and this means they are only allowed to have 1 meal on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. No snacks are allowed throughout the day. Catholics 14 and older aren’t allowed to consume meat on Ash Wednesday and any Friday during Lent. Almsgiving is when you act out and give charity to help others.

Going to church is a great thing to do on Easter. Churches offer special services during this day of remembrance. Sunrise services are something that can be attended. These worship services are early in the morning and are practiced by some Christian denominations. Sunrise services take place outside rather than inside. The first recorded sunrise service happened in 1732. The Single Brethern travelled to God’s Acre which is the graveyard. They sang hymns of praise to Jesus. Many joyful hymns are still sung on Easter to this day. In Catholic churches, flowers aren’t allowed to be displayed throughout Lent to keep the mood somber. On Easter Sunday, flowers are back into the churches bringing a bright and cheerful mood with them. Easter Vigil takes place on the Saturday before Easter. Easter Vigil is when new Catholics are baptized and brought fully into the church. 

The history of Easter is unknown to many kids today, they believe it might just be about having fun. This widely spread holiday celebrates the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead after three days from when he died by crucifixion. The reason for Jesus having died on the cross is because he died for all of our sins. Jesus was buried inside a tomb for those three days. The angel of the Lord descended from Heaven and rolled the stone blocking the tomb back. God then raised Jesus from the dead.

Easter contains a great religious background that many don’t know about. Many traditions are celebrated without knowing exactly why. Churches have special services on Easter Sunday. There is a fascinating biblical history to our Resurrection Sunday. Easter is a holiday around the world that celebrates Jesus returning to life.


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Cian Carroll
Cian Carroll, Staff Reporter
Hello, my name is Cian. I’m a Sophomore at Liberty High School. I’m in cross country. I enjoy music very much, I’m in choir and have been since 6th grade. I go to many concerts, sometimes I write my own music. My favorite movie series is Back to the Future. I’m also a big collector.

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    Sandra HerringApr 8, 2024 at 11:43 pm

    Wow Cian, that was an excellent article and I learned a lot from you. I’m proud of you. Oma.