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Pages of Victory: The Fauquier County Battle of the Books


The Battle of the Books is a cherished tradition dating back to the late 1970s, that continues to thrive across many Fauquier County Public Elementary Schools. Battle of the Books was created as a “gifted and talented” program for students, with the literary competition being a platform for an educational and healthy competition. Over the years, Battle of the Books has evolved, by branching out to more schools and encouraging exploration and appreciation of books among a larger audience of young students. 

A lot has changed since its creation, and the Battle of Books in Fauquier County is a huge event hosted yearly at a local high school with many elementary schools competing. This year the Battle of The Books was once again held at Liberty High School, which has hosted the final meet for many years now.

Contestants for Battle of The Books are 4th and 5th graders, who read books specifically chosen for the competition. Coaches and other Librarians come together with different suggestions that are then compiled into a diverse list of titles that will encourage critical thinking and careful reading. After all the suggestions have been collected they are divided and categorized by genre and difficulty levels, then a ballot is sent to the coaches who will vote on which titles will be used for the competition. Leading up to the battle of books, teachers and librarians support competition by having the chosen books in the library collections and promoting them among students. During the event, Librarians play the role of coaches. They are assisted by central office staff, retired librarians, and Public Library staff who help with the event and continue showcasing support for this esteemed competition.

For the contestants, teams of 5 students are chosen with 1-2 alternates on standby. The competition has 12 rounds, the first half is written answers, where contestants will write the answers on a chalkboard. The second half is oral answers, students have 30 seconds to answer the question asked by the moderator, when the moderator says “Time’s Up” the answer must be immediately given or it won’t be accepted. Each question can be repeated one time and one point is gained for every correct answer. 

If two teams are tying for first place, there will be up to three additional rounds added to act as a tiebreaker, both teams will receive the same questions and have 1 minute to answer. If the tie is not broken after the additional rounds, the competition will conclude that way. The winning team will receive a traveling plaque engraved with the name of their respective school. The plaque will remain in the winning school until the following year when the competition returns once again.

This year, the competition was held in Liberty High School’s Auditorium, where 10 different elementary schools came together. Each school had its table displaying its banner for its school, as families watched and cheered for their children and the school community, the competition would begin. After many questions, great teamwork, and tense moments, the competition would conclude with 3 different schools tying for second place, each displaying remarkable knowledge and determination. However, it was Claude Thompson Elementary School that finished in first place with 11 points, making this the second year in a row they won the Battle of the Books competition. The victory sparked celebrations among their students, teachers, and supporters.

The Battle of the Books cultivates essential skills and connections that extend far beyond the competition and also serves as a cornerstone in shaping the educational landscape of Fauquier County. By encouraging reading, fostering new social relationships, and ensuring an enjoyable experience, and a positive sense of community, this cherished tradition of Battle of The Books embodies the transformative power of literature. As students indulge in diverse genres and lasting bonds, they expand their knowledge and lay the foundation for a lifelong journey of discovery and growth, making the Battle of the Books an invaluable experience for all involved.

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