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The Top Ten Most Read Books at Liberty

The Top Ten Most Read Books at Liberty

Reading is a huge and popular activity here at LHS. Haven’t you ever wondered what the most popular titles are? This list contains the top 10 most popular books at Liberty selected by student popularity.

10.) Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka

This book is a graphic novel that shows family dynamics, struggles with addiction, and resilience where the author tells his story of trying to find his true place in the world. Senior, Logan Taylor said, “This book hits hard at times, but it sheds light on how neglect can affect a child.” This book has been checked out 22 times so far this school year!

9.) Cheer up!: Love and Pompoms by Crystal Frasier

A book where Annie, the main character who is antisocial, is starting her senior year and is under lots of pressure to join the cheerleading squad to make friends and to make her college applications look better. This book has been checked out 22 times so far.

8.) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This is a story where Violet and Finch meet on a ledge of a bell tower in a precarious place and a friendship develops as they journey to discover the meaning behind their lives and lives together. “If you are looking for a romantic story about unexpected love, this is the book for you. The two main characters, Violet and Finch, are two very different people who decide they don’t enjoy life enough anymore to stay alive. They catch each other in the act of ending it, little did they know this interaction would start a very emotional love story. I read this book my freshman year and oh boy did it make me cry. There is so much emotion in the book. I recommend it, it does not disappoint.” said, junior, Joyeloni Billings. It has been checked out 23 times.

7.) Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

This novel is about two people navigating their complicated and confusing relationship. It delves into the complexities of heartbreak and what it’s like to love someone. Here’s what freshman, Hannah Jermacans had to say, “I enjoyed this book, I would highly recommend this for people who love a traumatic, enduring love story with a beautiful ending.” This book has been checked out 25 times.

6.) Scythe by Neal Shusterman

In this world, death does not exist naturally. The population is controlled by “gleaning” done by reapers. It shows two teens’ journey to learn the art of gleaning. “Scythe is a dystopian-style book that starts a little slow while introducing the characters, but soon after picks up. It takes place in the future where death isn’t a thing. Instead scythes control population overflow by gleaning random people. Or is it random people? The main characters have no idea who to trust and neither does the reader. It’s such a creative idea that I’ve never seen before and the uncertainty of life and death is unique. It was surprisingly easy to read and the book flowed well. It does follow the hero’s journey and other stock characters pretty much exactly, but it opens up in the second book.” says senior, Brendon Schmitz. This book has been checked out 26 times so far this year.

5.) Without Merit: a Novel by Colleen Hoover

In this book, the main character, Merit, shatters the family illusion that she never was a part of before running away. When her plan to escape fails she has to decide to tell the truth or lose the love of her life. This book has been checked out 27 times this year.

4.) Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Within a series of interludes, the thunderhead, a sentient AI that maintains life, reflects on the goodness of its nature and how much it loves mankind. Senior Brendon Schmitz also had an amazing outlook on this book. “I originally read the first Scythe book, like I’m sure most people did, for English class. But the series infatuated me and had me hooked after the first book. When I found out it was a part of a trilogy I knew I had to read its other two books. They did not disappoint. I feel like Thunderhead was a really beautiful sequel to Scythe. Not only did it improve on worldbuilding and character development, but the main antagonist is a good-feeling character. I think I read the book in under a week and I would do it again in the future.” says Schmitz. It has been checked out 28 times this year so far.

3.) Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

This sequel to the book Smile tells you about the true story of a road trip from San Fransico to Colorado with the author’s family where she explores and works to better the relationship with her sister. This book has been checked out 31 times.

2.) One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

In this mystery tale, four teenagers with secrets try to navigate high school as suspects in the murder of a classmate, Simon Keheller. This book has been checked out 35 times so far.

1.) Guts by Raina Telgemeier

Last but not least on the list, based on a true story, Raina, after getting a stomach bug in the fifth grade, begins to struggle with a sensitive stomach, anxiety, panic attacks, and a mean girl in school. This book has been checked out 36 times so far!

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