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Senior Picnic: A Final Goodbye to Liberty


As the school year comes to an end, seniors are provided with the opportunity to partake in Liberty High School’s annual senior picnic at Crockett Park. The school tradition is most commonly overlooked but it serves as a day for seniors to come together one final time and say their goodbyes to each other and Liberty as a whole.

The senior picnic presents itself as a chance for students to reminisce on the past and reflect on the friendships they’ve formed throughout high school. 

“I felt that I needed to go to the senior picnic since it was a tradition in our community and across the country for all seniors to go and experience this moment. It’s officially the last couple of days of our senior year and I want my final experience to be having a blast with the rest of my senior friends. Being able to experience this moment was very important to me since most of these people have been with me since kindergarten,” said senior, Jazmin Cortez.

The senior picnic can also be a way for students to steer clear of the anxiety associated with deciding their future. Numerous seniors admitted that they partook in the senior picnic for a stress-free day to alleviate the pressure that can come along with graduating.

“I had so much fun walking around and admiring nature and riding the boats. I felt like it was the perfect way to relax on my last few days of high school. I know a lot of people can relate that everything has been super stressful lately with college and schoolwork so before we left I made a mental plan of who I would hang out with during the picnic. I knew I needed a plan in order to make the most of my day. With everything else we did that day like the Grace Miller Walk it was a perfect way to finish off high school,” said senior Kevin Eley.

Overall, the senior picnic creates a palpable sense of nostalgia for students. The picnic was designed for graduates to make memories in their remaining days of high school, while they reminisce about their childhood.

“Senior picnic was truly an amazing last moment with everyone. It was so wonderful to see our graduating class act like elementary school kids before we transition to the real world and become adults. The picnic was a bittersweet reminder that we’re growing up and there’s a possibility we may never see each other again. My favorite part of the whole day was watching different friend groups ride the boats. Some of us were screaming, laughing, and singing songs. It was just an overall fun experience,” said senior Ava-sol Figueroa. 

While the senior picnic is meant to be a celebration, it can be incredibly sad as it marks the end of a meaningful chapter in students’ lives. Bidding farewell to classmates and familiar surroundings can evoke nostalgia and sadness as the class of 2024 prepares to turn to a new leaf.

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