Cancel Culture is a Vile and Unfair Way to Stop Creators

Name a celebrity who has ever said or done anything remotely controversial, they’ve probably been canceled.

A variant of the term,cancel culture, describes a form of boycott in which the called-out person is also thrust out of social or professional circles, either on social media circles, either on social media or in the real world or both. They are said to be “canceled.”

Some people rail against this “cancel culture” while others say it’s necessary. And a lot of people just have questions.

Cancel culture has been a problem for a small time but its impact has been massive. From the canceling of ProJared to James Charles, these massive witch hunts have no doubt had a profound effect on the YouTube industry as a whole.

It has been a detriment to the rapidly declining website as many large creators have stopped making videos altogether due to the fear of being canceled for their opinions or past transgressions.

One such example of this is the recent attempt at canceling TheGameTherorist also, known as MatPat, because of his recent comment showing a picture of a powerpoint that he presented which held a picture of Etika, another famous YouTuber and streamer, who tragically died earlier this year, with the title “Impact of Cancel Culture: Etika’s Suicide.”

This title caused an outrage as many people believed that the cause of Etika’s passing was not a matter of cancel culture, but of mental illness. MatPat overall meant well with his presentation, as he was trying to show the dangers of cancel culture, but his message was perceived differently and now he is being chastised and bullied for his attempt at stopping the raging menace known as cancel culture. 

Now let me state very  quickly that most of the things he did that were wrong and I do not condone what he chose to do, however, there were some things that were false about his allegations.

Such as, one individual accusing Jared of harassment, however the person that accused him was not in the DM’s during the time ProJared was accused of doing these things. Another example of cancel culture was when ProJared’s friend PeanutButterGamer. 

He originally tried to stand up for Jared but was in danger of getting canceled himself and he had to revoke his previous statement to protect his livelihood as a content creator and the fact that he needs to abandon his friend to protect himself is disgusting.

The effects these rumors and allegations had on ProJared was massive; he lost more than a third of his subscribers on YouTube.

He also lost almost all of his friends because they thought that he had done terrible things.

He lost friends such as TheGameGrumps, PeanutButterGamer, and pretty much every other member of the YouTube creator network NormalBoots.

He has lost every partnership he had procured over the years,which has drastically reduced his income from what it used to be. 

His YouTube views have also tanked in the months after the arrival of the first allegations back in May of 2019.

The people that were a part of the insurmountable force known as cancel culture completely and utterly annihilated ProJared’s career and life.

In one of his recent videos which highlights the rumors promoted by a few Twitter users, he looks sleep-deprived, destroyed, and hopeless.

Cancel culture has completely ruined ProJared’s life and has left him with a bleak outlook on the rest of his life. He has however attempted to bounce back through his Twitter streams, but he will never return to his former glory and it is all because of the aggressive and horrid social structure, cancel culture.

Society needs to give people a chance to defend themselves before quickly judging them based on rumors and harming their livelihoods and reputations. Cancel culture is a dangerous and devastating trend overall.