Bad Air Quality in Los Angeles

There’s pollution practically everywhere in the world today, from oceans to land and in the air. It has been a recurring problem for centuries now, but now it’s affecting the earth’s atmosphere. Many things impact how badly the conditions we live and breath are.

For example, Los Angeles, California is known for having issues with pollution in the air, especially now since the fires have started and has become more of a bigger issue in Los Angeles, California. 

The Woosley fire, the Campfire, and the Thomas Fire have all contributed to even more pollution in the air. The air pollution started with smoke coming out of cars. This has affected Los Angeles, even more since so many celebrities are known to live there, and drive around in big cars, fancy cars, and cars that need a lot of oil to run. 

Fires are known to have bad consequences, especially in big areas and winds speeds of 60-70 mph, and so many flammable objects near the fire, such as dry trees and grass.

Putting out the fires was a lot of hard work, which included many people risking their lives. Firefighters coming, and showing up to help put out these fires and assisting in every way they can, and even helping strangers on the road, working themselves almost 24/7 each day. 

  There are many ways to help out the victims affected by the fires by donating clothes, blankets, and donating these things like money to charities and shelters. After all these fires have started the air quality has gotten so much worse, especially for children and seniors who have a higher risk of catching a health risk. 

Many schools have closed and local businesses due to the fires. The California fires are not the only factor in the bad air, it’s also the gases coming out of cars. 

The gases coming out of the cars are very harmful to not only us but the environment as well. In my opinion, we should be helping and funding in every way we can to the victims who have lost almost everything from their family pictures to their houses. 

According to WeatherBug people with asthma can have more asthma attacks, especially in the summer months, since airborne particles are found in smoke and can enter their resportiary system easily. 

Also according to WeatherBug people who have asthma, children, and elders should avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time and always have their treatments near them. 

Factories also contribute to this issue with all the toxic gases they are releasing in the atmosphere, which is also the air we breathe. 

Even though we can’t stop the factories from releasing toxic gases, we can still avoid a lot of pollution by carpooling and walking to our destinations, especially if it’s near, and use public transportation more, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

It can definitely contribute to the health of the environment. 

I completely agree with all these things that can help the environment and also many other things that can help you and your loved ones kept safe and healthy. Buying masks and making sure the ones who have asthma amongst your loved ones have their treatments to get through these rough months. Donating clothes, blankets, and money can help the people who have been affected by this fire.