Original vs Remake: “Beauty in the Beast”

Disney is making another breakthrough by taking older, original movies and remaking them with a brand new meaning. They are adding new characters, plot twists, and new musical experiences for everyone to enjoy. 

An example of Disney recreating a masterpiece is when they took the 1991 animated “Beauty and the Beast” and recreated a Live Action version of the beloved film. They took  the wonderful characters we all know and love and brought them to life. 

With the advancement in society and technology, there are some major differences between the two movies that were not hard to scope out. From old musical classics to new catchy tunes to sing, Disney has made a huge run with “Beauty and the Beast.” 

According to Boxofficemojo.com, when the original “Beauty and the Beast” first premiered in theaters on November 22, 1991, it grossed a solid $425 million. The live action remake, which first premiered on February 23, 2017, grossed a whopping $1.0024 billion. The difference, being $577,400,000, is hard to believe, for the rotten tomatoes on both of the movies have a different perspective. 

A rotten tomato is a percentage based on how people review a certain movie. If the majority of people feel like the movie is good and the percentage is above 60%, then the movie is considered “fresh.” If the majority of people think the movie is bad, the percentage will go down. The rating is based on good reviews for the movie, so if the movie has a lot of bad reviews, the rotten tomatoes rating will be lower. If it is lower than 59%, then the movie and tomatoes are considered “rotten.” 

The original “Beauty and the Beast” had a rotten tomato rating of 94% while the live action movie had a rating of 72%.

The new “Beauty and the Beast” also introduces new and intriguing music. 

In the movie, the song “Days in the Sun” tells the story of the Beast’s childhood, and how much the servants would love to go back to human form. The “servants,” like Lumiere and Cogsworth, feel as if they’ve failed the Prince, so that is a theory as to why they continue to let him be so harsh towards everyone. 

Another new song is “Evermore.” As Belle flees the castle to save her father, the Beast sings a melancholy tune that confesses his love for Belle, and describes the emptiness he is starting to slowly feel when she is away because he fears she will never return to him. 

To brighten the depressing mood, a song that also makes its first appearance is “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” This little melody is introduced at the beginning of the movie when Belle goes to visit her father. He had just finished creating a little music box, and as the small box played, he softly sang this song. 

Those are the main new music additions, but there are small instrumental pieces that are played throughout the adventure.

Disney has also brought to life a new and exciting character to join in on the fun. 

Maestro Cadenza is a harpsichord that steals the hearts of the audience. Cadenza is married to the infamous wardrobe, and they share many beautiful scenes when back in human form.

Bringing tears to our eyes, the live action “Beauty and the Beast” also digs deeper into Belle’s past. The movie takes us back to when Belle was a baby, and gives us more insight on what happened with her mother. The Beast was granted a magic atlas, and it would take you wherever your heart desires. 

Belle decided to take them to the beginning, the house her mother and father inhabited. As Belle and Beast are looking around, the Beast discovers something awful. When he scanned the area, he came across a beaked doctor’s mask that doctors wore when treating people with the plague. 

In France during the 1700’s, a terrible case of the plague, also known as the Black Death, came across the country, killing around 100,000 people. 

He concluded that she died of the Black Death, and her father was asked to flee the town so Belle wouldn’t get sick since she was a baby. 

In the original movie, they never went into great detail on Belle’s mother. We were only given enough information to know that Belle’s father was the only one still around. 

From Paige O’Hara to Emma Watson as Belle, the differences between the original and live action movie are drastic. 

Although slight changes have been made, they still capture our hearts and have us begging for more. No matter how many times “Beauty and the Beast” is remade, it will still be an amazing motion picture to all of the Disney fans out there.