Finding the Perfect Attire for You

Getting ready can be as simple as throwing something together and getting on with the rest of the day. For many people their clothes is what defines them and makes them who they are as a person. Fashion is considered to be an art form that is able to be shown off on a daily basis. People are able to express themselves and communicate through their fashion and connect with various people.

 “I express myself through fashion by my personality. I am a very introverted person so I try to show opposite through my clothing by trying to be original and approachable,” said sophomore Jazmyn Reynolds.

What a person wears gives them the ability to show attributes of themselves to other people.

“I like to be someone’s inspiration, if a person is feeling down about expressing themselves I want to be an example to follow or be a role model for someone and show them it’s okay to be yourself,” said senior Artie Smith.

Wearing clothing that is not considered “the norm” can be a scary thing in a world of hateful people. A person that is themself can be the biggest relief in someone’s lifetime. Clothing is about self-expression and no other person should have any negative impact on it.

 “I wear what I want because it literally allows me to wear who I am on my sleeves. It makes me feel much more confident,” said senior Cameron Tannehill. 

Many people might choose not to care much about what they wear because it can be a very expensive lifestyle. In some cases this can be true but there are ways to avoid it.

 “You can find a lot of clothes for cheaper at thrift stores than at the mall. Thinking you have to spend a lot of money in my opinion is very untrue because you can spend less at a thrift store and still find very fashionable outfits,” said junior Nathaniel Huff. 

There is a huge stereotype around thrift shopping. That it does not contain clothes worth buying or they are too good to go there. When thrift shopping there is a possible chance that no one might be wearing the same clothing purchased from there. And if they do, the purchase from the thrift store would have been at a much cheaper price.There are various unique outfits that can be assembled for a fraction of the price at a thrift store that could be found at the mall.

 Finding someone’s own personal style can be challenging. It can take a number of tries to find the perfect style to maintain confidence.

 “I used to have a very vintage wardrobe when I first started to dress how I wanted and now I dress more alternative because it makes me feel more empowered and confident,” said junior Jennifer Calderon.

 It can be challenging trying to express someone’s true self through fashion and not know what looks good pieced together. Getting advice from other people can be a great way to improve an individual’s style.

Trying and looking for different designs can allow someone to figure out what makes a great outfit. 

“I get a lot of my inspiration from social media like Instagram. I look at a lot of outfits on there and it helps me decide on what clothes I have that would look good together or new things I can shop for,” said junior Javi Jimenez. 

A lot of different colors and looks might appear appealing without even knowing. In the fashion industry, drawing an outfit out and seeing how it looks is very common. It can help with getting an idea of pieces that can be obtained or that are already in someone’s closet.

“I am an artist so I draw out specific outfits that I am interested in wearing or I think would look good together,” said Smith.

Nobody knows what their fashion style is until they have tried and mixed matched what they have.