Original vs Remake: “Cinderella”

In 1950, a princess with a different story came around. She cooked and cleaned for her evil stepmother and two fiendish step sisters. 75 years later, Disney reintroduced this princess in the live action movie. This movie is known as “Cinderella,” and follows the story of the princess named Cinderella. Disney has made some drastic changes to the original story line to appeal to the audience members of our current society.

One thing that Disney changed to fit the new storyline of “Cinderella” was the actual name of the hidden princess. In the original movie, the main character’s name is strictly Cinderella. Nothing is changed, and everything stays the same throughout the movie, besides the mice’s nickname for her. To give us more of a feeling of sympathy, in the live action movie, the princess’ name is Ella. Dear Ella was busy cleaning around the fireplace one night, and accidentally fell asleep in the action. When she awoke, her sisters and step mother were sitting at a table near her. Because of sleeping by the fireplace, she had ash and soot on her face. One of her bratty step sisters decided to come up with the nickname “Cinderella,” and the name stuck. 

The amount of revenue Disney received for these movies is startling. According to www.boxofficemojo.com, the original “Cinderella,” which came out on February 15, 1950,  had a domestic total gross of $10,000,000. The recreated movie brought in a domestic total gross of $201,151,353, which is about 20 times more than the original “Cinderella.” The difference of the two movies is $191,151,353. Also, the Rotten Tomato ratings on the original is 97%, which is really good. The Live Action one, in which came out on March 13, 2015, had a rating of 84% which is still good, but it’s obvious which movie the people like more. 

A minor change made between the two movies was the lack of music. The original movie included some very original pieces, and some people even consider it as a musical. The live action “Cinderella” has no actual songs that fit with the music. Sure, at the end Cinderella hums a short little tune, but besides that, there isn’t any music that reflects what is going on in the movie.

In “Cinderella,” we all know the infamous ball scene that happens between Cinderella and Prince Charming. We also know about how they originally met. Cinderella’s fairy godmother transforms her ruined and tattered dress into a beautiful baby blue ball gown, and sends her to the ball in a magnificent carriage created from a pumpkin. She is given until midnight to enjoy herself. Once she arrives at the ball, all eyes are on her. She then meets the Prince and it is love at first sight.

Well, in the live action movie, Cinderella actually meets the prince before the ball, and he goes by the name Kit instead of the classical “Prince Charming.” She first gets introduced to him when he decides to go horseback riding in the woods. Ella was already out in the woods, and they run into each other. Later in the movie, they run into each other again at the ball, and hit it off yet again.  

The world of Disney has led to many wonderful movies, and this is yet another example of how they outdo themselves all the time. More intriguing movies are yet to come, and Disney won’t let us down.