Deputy Meyer Introduces the Blue Line in LHS Parking Lot

At the beginning of the new school year, many students noticed a new splash of color in the front parking lot: upon further investigation, it was revealed that this new “Blue Line” actually has a very important meaning.  The Blue Line is a representation of the safety provided by law enforcement.

Deputy Meyer is bringing something new to Liberty High School this year.

“The blue line represents the law enforcement officers that protect the nation each day while the background represents a reminder of those who sacrificed their lives. The Blue Line represents the thin line that stands between chaos and order, or between criminals and the potential victims of crime, and it is primarily used to show solidarity with police. The Blue Line is good and a black line is not. I asked Mr. Cox if I would be able to paint the blue line in his parking spot and Mr. Cox agreed,” said SRO Deputy Meyer.

“I respect what Deputy Meyer wants with the blue line. It’s a special thing to Deputy Meyer and I think it’s  a good thing,” said principal Mr. Cox.

Deputy Meyer has been here at Liberty High School for five years and protects the school and helps people out with what they need.  

I really like having a deputy here at school with us. With everything that’s going on in this country right now, I couldn’t imagine having anyone else protect our school. In 10th grade, he came into my drivers ed class and talked to us about being safe on the roads but then he went into a deep conversation about how he will do anything at any cost to protect us students from a shooter or threat. After that I came to school everyday not scared of my life. We are so lucky to have him and also to have officer Crumit in our school. Even though most students would differ because they enforce the rules and get people in trouble I wouldn’t want to have it any other way,” said senior Hailey Marcinko.

“I think Deputy Meyer is a great SRO. I have never felt unsafe in this school and if there is ever a situation that needs to be handled, I feel like I can always rely on him to keep the whole school safe. He is amazing at what he does,” said junior Keely Crane.

“I think that he’s a great guy and even to talk to. I feel protected with him in school because of all the problems that had happened. It’s good to come to school and know  Deputy Meyer is here also and have the feeling of protection,” said sophomore Luis Martinez. 

“I feel really protective from all the drama and Deputy Meyer is always at LHSto talk to about your problems or ask for help,” said sophomore Carlos Jose Paz.

Next time you go out in the front parking lot go check out the Blue Line besides Depedy Meyer police car it has strong meaning and its important.