Jeffree Star’s “Brainfreeze” Palette Will Be the Highlight of Your Makeup Routine


This holiday season, I was given the Jeffree Star “Brainfreeze” Highlight palette as a present. The full palettes name is “Brainfreeze Skin Frost Pro Palette.” This palette can be used for highlight, skin, and eyes. I find the easiest way to apply the highlight is by using a brush, either wet or dry. On the website it says that the products are  vegan, cruelty-free, talc free, paraben & gluten-free.

I have been so excited about this highlight palette. My parents ordered it for Christmas as it was one of the top things on my wish list.

My parents told me they ordered the product about two weeks before Christmas and paid for two day shipping. They never sent out a confirmation email or anything regarding updates to my parents.

On Christmas, they told me that had ordered the palette, but it had not been delivered yet.About two days after Christmas, we had emailed the company to cancel the order and that is when they emailed us that it had been shipped out. I did not receive the palette until after the first of the new year.

I was super disappointed in the company for not being more professional and honest about their shipping and handling of the product. I also felt they taken advantage of my parents’ money because they had paid the extra money for two day shipping, obviously that did not happen.

Although the product arrived late, the box that the palette came in was so pretty! The silvery grey of the background and the way the letters on the box look, gives them a really cool feel.

Now the actual platte itself is amazing. The colors of the outside of the palette are dark blue, light blue, red, and a dirty white. The letters on the platte also look like they have snow on them as well, but it has more of a 3D effect, that has a unique texture to it that I like. Another thing I like about the platte itself, is that it comes with a mirror on the inside for a more convenient easy application. 

When I finally got my palette and was able to play around with it, I fell head over heels for it. The palette consists of six shimmery colors: “Cold Shoulder,” “Gold Breaker,” “Cocky,” “Statuesque,” “Frozen Fruit,” and “Freeze Tag.” I think they are all such beautiful colors.

The first thing I did was swatch the colors on my wrist. The “Cold Shoulder” is a sparkly white color and it goes on so smooth. So far, I have used this color the most.

The next one I tried is a gold and bronze color, “Statuesque.” This color would be something I would use on my eyelids, but I have LIGHTLY used it as a highlight to go with more of a brown gold eyeshadow.

The third color I tried was “Gold Breaker,” this color is said to be inspired by a jawbreaker. It has a mix of blue, orange, pink, and white. This color would be one that could be used for any look.

I then used the color named “Frozen Fruit.” This color is a soft shimmery pink, and I think would go best with a soft natural summer look. This one is probably one of my top favorites from the palette.

“Cocky” was the next color I took a look at. This color looks more orange, and is lighter than “Statuesque.” This color goes with any natural look. I personally use this color when I do not a full face of makeup on, just some mascara, blush, highlight, and lip gloss and I am good to go. The color goes on light, but a lot can go a long way.

The last color I tried out was “Freeze Tag.” “Freeze Tag” is a light blue color, and would look good with a more wintery look. It is soft, blue, and super cute.

Overall I really love this palette, it has super fun colors for any look that goes with my outfits. They are all so soft, and could be used for any event. One thing I will say, is that, these colors are very pigmented. Like I said before use with caution, a little goes a long way. I totally recommend this palette to anyone who loves makeup. I can not wait to try more of Jeffree Star products!