Wrestling is Making Big Goals This Season


Mike Douglas

Senior Austin Harris is pinning down his opponent in his match.

Last year, the boys wrestling team did their best by accomplishing so much throughout their season. They made some changes in the way they train by doing their workouts as a team. The wrestling team has had 14 tournaments so far and also have attended two quads.

“The season for the boys is going so great this year. We as the coaches are giving them harder workouts to stay getting their body and mind set to the best and healthy ability. This has been the most important goal this season and for previous seasons too. Our goal for the whole team, as well as coaches, is that we accomplish and get to the district and state championships for every weight class. The weight classes include: lightweight (154 pounds), welterweight (165 pounds), middleweight (176 pounds), heavy middleweight (187 pounds), light heavyweight (198 pounds), mid-heavyweight (209 pounds), and the heavyweights (210 pounds). If there is someone that wants to join the wrestling team, I will encourage them to because it can make them a better person. It will teach them life lessons that will help them in their upcoming years and throughout their life in general. My goal personally as the coach is to have each and every kid on the team improve in their mentality,” said head wrestling coach Joseph Divello.         

“The season is going to be successful this year. We have been working very hard all year long and everyone is doing their best. It is difficult to stay in shape all year long but I know it is for the best because of the passion that I have for wrestling. This sport has changed me in the best way because of the respect the team and coaches show me and the rest of the team. Of course wrestling can show you things or do things that you wouldn’t like but after all, it is the best sport for everyone that likes to challenge themselves. The things that changed this season is that we do a lot of practice to stay more fit. My goals for this year, as well as for the whole team, is to get to play in regionals,” said sophomore Devin Burrows.

“Practices are very tough this season but since I have won a majority of my matches, the practices are worth it because the best feeling is to get your hand raised after you win a match. It is hard to stay in shape and to stay in only one weight class, but once you get into it, it comes second hand nature. My personal goal for wrestling this year is to drop weight, get in better shape, and win as many matches as possible,” said sophomore Devin Newton. 

“This season is going very well; hopefully it keeps on getting better and we keep improving as a team. The one thing that changed this year from how it used to be is probably the way practices are. It is definitely more conditioning than learning about wrestling because of the kind of people that we have; they are typically a bigger caliber. For wrestlers to stay in shape to stay in their specific weight class,  it is definitely tough but when meets come, it is worth it just because you have more competitive advantages. A personal goal that I have is being in the top three at tournaments and as a team, we will like to place in first,” said senior Austin Harris. 

Despite all the hard work and challenges that the wrestling team has done this season and what is soon to be approaching, they will maintain their positive attitudes. The wrestlers this season are looking forward for the big championships they want to accomplish this year.