Indoor Track and Field Athletes are Sprinting Past the Competition, Breaking Records

Winter track is at it again with another outstanding season. This incredible group of boys and girls led by Coach Leigh, Coach Rodman, and Coach Black practice every weekday, rain or shine, in order to be ready for their weekly meets. 

Even though they have already accomplished so much thus far, the coaches and the runners aren’t stopping there. Coach Leigh, the head coach, has some big goals that she believes this team will be able to accomplish this season. 

“I would like to nationally and state qualify. I would also like everyone to reach new personal records. I, as a coach, believe that if they keep going out and running, no matter what weather comes their way, and doing their best, then they will be able to accomplish their goals,” said Coach Leigh.  

All of the students that run track have big goals for this season. 

“I would like to beat the Liberty High School record for the 500 and go to regionals,” said freshman Maya Turner.

“I want to break six minutes in the mile,” said junior Lilly Wingo.

“I want to make it to states,” said junior Matthew Anderson. In order to accomplish all of these goals, the runners said that they have been pushing themselves at every practice and doing their absolute best. 

The success from this team so far is unbelievable. The second fastest runner in the nation, Sam Rodman, set a Liberty High school record and placed first in his 1,000 meter run at Liberty University with an outstanding time of 2.32.0. 

Nicole Cabanban, Kayla Lopez, Lilly Wingo, and Maya Turner finished 7th in the girls relay with a time of 11:13.74. The boys relay team, Jacob Phelps, Peter Rummel, Jacob McCoy, and Matthew Anderson, also did a phenomenal job. They finished in 9th place with a time of 9:01.87. 

Staying in shape for winter track takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

“I prepare by eating healthy and doing home workouts,” said Turner. 

“I prepare by running my hardest at track practice, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest before every meet,” said Anderson. 

  In track there are two different groups of runners. There are sprinters and long distance runners. 

“On an average long distance practice the sprinters and long distance runners warm-up together, which consists of doing two laps around the track and stretching together,” said freshman, long distance runner, Peter Rummel. 

After that, the two groups separate and do what the coach have in mind for that specific day. 

“After the sprinters and long distance runners warm-up together, we do activities such as 10 in-and-outs (jogging the curves and sprinting the sides), 5-8 repeats (usually we run 400 meters repetitively,) and then we will do block starts for about 20 minutes,” said freshman, a sprinter, Sahapat Athichaiwattanaporn.

These runners are extremely devoted and in love with the sport, but everyone does track for different reasons. 

“I decided to join the track team because I wanted to do a sport and stay active throughout the winter months,” Athichaiwattanaporn.

  “I do track simply because of my love for running. After a long day of school, going out and running with my teammates is one of the best things any runner will tell you,” said Wingo. 

“The hardest part of winter track is how cold it can get at practice and meets,” said Kayla Lopez. Gabe Sealock and Sahapat Athichaiwattanaporn enthusiastically agreed. 

“The hardest part was when I didn’t improve my times from our last meet,” said Wingo.  Turner agreed.

 At the end of the day, however, all the runners push through their obstacles and do their very best.