Disney Plus, What’s the Hype?

Recently, on November 12, 2019, the highly requested Disney streaming app was launched. Disney+ is an app that you can get on most mobile devices and smart TVs that lets you stream movies. The idea of the app was to have the movies and shows on the beloved Disney channel in a simple and easy to navigate app so they could be watched everywhere at anytime as long as you have WiFi or cellular data. It streams in 4k and it lets up to four people stream at a time on one account. Similar to the other highly popular streaming apps as for Hulu, Netflix, and many others.

It has only been out for a collective total of 22 days since its release in America, and since then the app has gotten a 4.0 according to most internet sources. It has about 500 movies and shows, with the plan of more coming out in the future. They also included the very popular movie “Endgame” plus the “Star Wars” series, which drew in a lot of science fiction and superhero fanatics. That now is statically 45.87% of their watchers as of November 24, 2019.

For the past few weeks the app has been getting a lot of hype on social media and everyone knows what it is. Is it really as good as its being made out to be? I’ve heard quite a lot of different opinions, and personally, it has made my expectations very high. For example, the app supposedly entails great 4k quality, all your favorite childhood movies, and just a lot of “ground breaking” new stuff, which sounds great, but once this spread across the internet, I questioned if it was really as great as everyone says.  

As for myself, I downloaded the app on my phone around November 23rd. It didn’t take much to download it onto my phone, as I used my cellular data and it downloaded quickly, which was nice, but it took some time to load for the first time. Once I was in the app, it was an easy setup to make an account, name, pick an avatar, and then I was in! The layout was easy to navigate and I could search up anything I’d like. It has a few flaws in my eyes, like the movies are supposed to be in 4k but on my phone, no matter if it has full cellular connection or good WiFi, it looked really pixelated and had little to no 4k look or style. It also has really popular movies, but on the other hand, it has a lot of unknown and barely watched movies that kinda are just there as fillers in my opinion. For example, “Mr. Boogedy” a 1980’s film that is about a family who gets haunted by Mr. Boogedy. Which I had to search up, and honestly,who has ever in this world heard of that?I even took the time to ask fellow classmates if they have heard or seen this movie and ten out of ten said they had no idea what the movie was or was about. 

Disney plus also has had a few glitches on my phone. I have an iPhone 8, which is not too old. I also want to stress that I have great connection every time I stream this app. It also has a weird bug. One time I wanted to change my email because I got a new one, but for some unknown reason the app would not let me access it and it took me three days to load it.

But, I am not here to completely bad mouth this app. I’ll admit that it has some pretty great features as well. As for the price it is a bit cheaper than most subscriptions compared to most streaming apps. It also does have some of my favorite movies and the convenience is very good. Even with some of the viewing bugs, when the app doesn’t feel like acting up, the quality is actually pretty good and it really makes the experience better.

Honestly, I just feel that since the app recently came out, it has had a little bit of room to fix the bugs found while it’s up. As time goes on and the app grows even more, I do expect a lot from the company and I feel like since the Disney company has a very broad and a very influential popular company, they should be able to run a successful app that shouldn’t have as many bugs as it currently does.